Sunday, May 16

family sunday

to summarize today's events, here are some photos i took..

outfit: forever 21 dress, ring & shades, divi skirt, aldo shoes, joe fresh belt

here's my poser brother, haha!

awesome filipino food for lunch!

catching up with my cousins

seeing my cute nephews..

fantastic summer weather

perfect for something cool!

that's all for today lovelies!! :D thanks for dropping by! *wink*


  1. sybil! you look fantastic! have you lost weight?! i love your oxford heels!!

  2. That outfit is really cute! I love the booties and your hair looks so GLAM! Adorable sleeping baby too :)

  3. lol your family looks like a ton of fun! you look great

  4. Oh my gosh this is absolutely ADORABLE. I just want to hope on car and meet you and your family! :) This look is lovely as always Sybil! xo

  5. oh my gosh, your nephews are DARLING :) I love my baby cousins more than anything. I love your yellow belt with your skirt!! It's so cute!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  6. such a cute outfit!

    that ice cream looks sooooooooooo good. i wish i had one right now! ^^

  7. i love ur booties and winnipeg weather looks freakin amazing!!!!

  8. You are looking so ooh-la-la in that "divi skirt" Sybil! Haha.

  9. wow, very cool quote! thanks haha.
    i'll never go back, once i went black :DD promise :D

  10. cute outfit (& baby)! That food looks delicious as well. And I love your blog background! Very fun.

  11. Oh I love big family dinners - that food looks so yummy. What is traditional Philippino food exactly? I've never tried it and I'm so curious!

  12. your family is so cute.
    i wish the new york weather would be nice enough for slurpys and yummy lattes!
    except right now it's raining and though i love the rain, i want sun ! NOWWWW. lol.

    lucky girl.

  13. Hey! Thanks for your comment in my blog.

    I really love your blog, it's so cute. So I'm following hehe :D

    I'm totally in love with your shirt and shoes *sigh*. xx

  14. Sound like a fun day and you look super cute for the event! :)

    Are these milkshakes?! look so yummy!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my return post!

    -Coco From OurPaperMoon

  15. cute outfit! what a fun day :-)

  16. I LOVe the tee with the high-waisted skirt and cute booties!

  17. Mmmh...those icecreams look delicious !

    Thanks for your nice comment !!


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