Saturday, May 15

currently obsessed with platforms

i was given a wonderful opportunity to get a sneak peak of the new line of L.A.M.B. heels (by Gwen Stefani who else?) set to be available through for this spring and summer.

i must say that, at first, i was a bit skeptical of what kinds of design the shoes would have. but after seeing them, i was definitely amazed. if you would browse you'll definitely see that most of their items are designer shoes. without a doubt, gwen's line is equally as fabulous and truly has the right to sit side by side with the rest. the peeps at daniel believe that when it comes to women's shoes, it has to be designer.
among all, i would have to say that the lamb z project is my favorite!! it comes in both black and blue. isn't the blue version just stunning!?!
aaaahhh if only i can get my hands on these!!! the only unfortunate thing is, they're just available in UK (for now). so you're lucky if you live there. hahaha!! hopefully, it will reach north american shores soon! :D


  1. OMG I love the zebra print!!!

  2. I totally adore platforms and if i could wear them everyday I seriously would (I prob could I'm working on an extensive collection before I go for the movement ) haha

  3. *I packed my camera when I was moving back home so there goes my outfit posts lol* I'm working on an alternative because I was soo excited to do summer posts I'll be back with them soon no worries ha!

    -That was sweet of you btw =] thank you

  4. Holy Cow all those shoes rock! I always find it sucky when awesome sites don't ship to America!

  5. omg, those zip and platform shoes are gorgeous!!!

  6. Wow! those shoes are killer shoes! hahaha.. wish they were in indo! xD

  7. omg those zebra platforms


  8. Hey there! I seen your blog on the forum on Chictopia and thought I'd have a peek. So glad I did yours is awesome. I have followed you and would greatly appreciate if you like mines would you please follow too, Im super new to the blog world and would love some advice.

    Much love kimberley xxx

  9. Ces chaussures sont superbes


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