Friday, April 30

currently addicted to bodysuits!

as i mentioned in my previous post, i went to zara yesterday to check out their new items. even though, there weren't any sales whatsoever, i was so drawn to the bodysuits in their new arrivals section. aaahhh!!! i've been obsessing over bodysuits for quite some time now, just like how im still obsessed with connector rings! hahahaha! if only i could transform all my current tops to their bodysuit version, i would!

anyway, i made some online surfing to my fave stores and picked out bodysuits that are definitely on my wishlist!


  1. Gahhh I have yet to find a bodysuit that I like :( These are all so adorable <3

  2. I've been thinking about buying one for ages and I think you just convinced me to finally get my first! :D

  3. I totally almost bought the sparrow one from Zara but then discovered upon closer inspection that it has a questionable bow on the right breast pocket area haha really liking the striped ones from Topshop :)

  4. ahhh body suits

    currently loving them tooo

    and so glad that ur back in the blogsphere

  5. I never wear bodysuit, but the striped topshop's bodysuits are amazing!

  6. the ones from F21 are super cute! go get them, tiger :D


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