Friday, February 26

q&a time: post your question, lovelies!

as i mentioned in my chictopia post, i am running out of things to write about. the reason for this being that i've been going to the university doing some marketing research stuff and as soon as i get home, i watch the olympics. yes, that has been my routine this week.

today was quite good though. the weather was nicer (-10 degrees and yes that's nice for me already!) and the days are getting longer. i wore something fancier to brighten up my mood and of course, it's friday!!! yay!! :D
outfit: h&m tunic, sirens belt, garage leggings, le chateau

too many animated gifs?! haha, are you getting dizzy yet?!

since i have nothing to blog about, i thought of having this post as an opportunity to get some q&a's with you, my dear readers. if there's anything you might want to ask me, just make a comment in this post and i'll get to them in my succeeding entries.


  1. Gah! I love the animation! I want to try that!

  2. that h&m tunic drapes beautifully on you! and i love seeing these animated gifs, it brings you to life on my computer screen! haha :)
    as for my question...what's that one piece in your wardrobe you find yourself going back to over and over and over again?

  3. aww sybil!!! you're so cute!! i love the gifs! that tunic is lovely on you!

    hmm question question...
    if you could have any clothing item (from whatever time period, whatever designer, etc), what would it be? and why?

  4. =) looks fun!!!! you're cute!!! and love the sweater dress.=)

  5. How do you want ur eggs? Well done or not? hehehe!

  6. I love the GIF!!! It seems like you were dancing.

    My question is hmmm, what do you like to do 5 years from now? :)) Sorry if it's too profound.

    Enter freebie of the day at

  7. I love the GIF images ! So great ! And I love what you're wearing :) Question : What are your favorite places to go shopping to ?

  8. haha my question is how do you do these animated pics^^

    you look wonderful as i told you on chictopia. You're so cute :)

    What Disney character would you like to be?

  9. Great pics! The tunic looks amazing and I can't believe you took these in -10 degree weather!

    Hmmm, what inspires your outfits? Do you have certain people in mind that you admire or is it something else?

  10. Great scarf! Love the yummy treats!


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