Sunday, February 28

answers over milkshakes & cookies

so yesterday, i still went to university to just drop the papers that i finished checking the night before. after that, i met up with my cousins in the mall to check out the new stuff for this season. no, i didn't buy anything. remember what i said about periodic shopping? yeah, im sticking by that! hahahaha!
outfit: pashmina scarf, bootlegger loose tee, joe fresh belt, divi skirt,
payless tights, sm socks, celine pumps

i slept over at their place and basically bonded over homemade strawberry milkshakes and cookies!! yummy!
im answering 5 questions i got from the previous post, since i dont want to make this a long post and bore you! hahaha!

1. what's that one piece in your wardrobe you find yourself going back to over and over and over again?
pretty obvious that i would say it's my AA circle scarf since i really use it everywhere and throughout the whole year. during the winter i use it as a scarf. but in the summer, i try to use it as a cover up in the beach, a skirt/maxi dress, a tie up bag. here at home, i use it a my blanket (like a snuggie, hahaha!). it's one of those pricier things that i do not regret buying! i actually want more in different colors!

2. if you could have any clothing item (from whatever time period, whatever designer, etc), what would it be? and why?
oh wow.. im not very keen with runway trends nor can i afford them. can i just ask for a classic designer bag - say an hermes birkin or a chanel? i know it's not really a 'clothing' item, but if you would notice, i dont own many purses or bags. my reason for this is that i tend to stick with one that i can use forever and that will go with many of my outfits.

3. how do you want ur eggs? Well done or not?
well.. here's the deal. when i eat eggs with 'north american' food, i want them scrambled. when i have filipino food for breakfast, i want them sunny side up (with the yellow part really juicy and slimy! hahahaha!).

4. what do you like to do 5 years from now?
let's see.. im going to be 28 by then (aack, i know too old!). career wise, i hope i'll be in a stable marketing or advertising firm. also, i hope to be married by then and trying to start a family. i really don't want to have kids when im in my thirties (just a personal thing). also, i want to slowly save up so that when i reach mid-30s, i can just establish my own business. pretty vague answer to a vague question. teehee!

5. what are your favorite places to go shopping to?
i love going back home in the philippines and visiting our bargain areas like divisoria & tutuban. i try to do that once a year either by actually flying back or asking my aunts there to buy me stuff. hahaha! here in canada, i enjoy going to joe fresh coz they have affordable stylish pieces. i dont really prefer certain stores when i purchase clothing. if i find something i like and i can afford in the mall, in a small boutique, in a thrift store or online, i buy it.

i will get to the rest in my next posts. if you do have additional questions, feel free to drop by a comment here. :D


  1. sybil! i adore the way you used the scarf and belted it :) love! the cookies look so delicious! loved the answers to all your questions too!

  2. aww you look so gorgeous with that pashmina. that color works beautifully on you. and these are such sweet answers! i have an aa circle scarf too but i keep on forgetting to wear it haha

  3. Such a cute outfit, I adore the colors!!! And I love that a lot of your pieces are from the Philippines. Hmm next time you come here for a visit we should arrange a shopping date! Heeh.(: and we're the same age Sybil! It's frightening to think how fast we're getting old. @.@

  4. OMFG. That milkshake and cookies look deeeeelish!

    Looking cute as always, girl. Love how you're wearing that scarf. :)


  5. Outfit is very cute, like the others i really like how you used your pashmina! OMG I love shopping at the divisoria in the philippines all the ukay ukay places! :)

  6. strawberry milkshake and choco chip cookies are the best guilty pleasure ever!i'm drooling over those macadamia cookies, mmmmm.... :p

    i have some questions for you:
    1. what made you start blogging, particularly about fashion?
    2. how has your fashion sense/style evolved since you started blogging?
    3. what's one fashion trend you cannot stand/despise the most?

    ps: GO CANADA GO!!! WOOHOOO!!! :D

  7. amazing cookies!!!

    I really like your blog! I am a new follower : )

    Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

  8. you are adorable and those cookies look delicioussss

  9. Great idea with the scarf! Looks maybe little strange, but still- very original.

  10. cute outfit, I love the moving photo! All those yummy treats are sending me to the kitchen right now ;]


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