Thursday, February 25

on new jeans & tv shows

wow.. it's thursday already? today i actually told myself to pick up the pace here in my blog and i decided to take some new items for a spin.
outfit: kamiseta tunic, f21 jeans & shades, le chateau boots, joe fresh belt

got my denims and shades from forever21, together with the rings i mentioned in my previous post. i was never intending to buy jeans from the store, but i saw this pair for only $15 and i knew i just had to try them on. lo and behold, they fit wonderfully!

on television news...

who watched american idol last night? is it just me or do the singers really suck this season? maybe it's too early to tell, but in as much as i can remember some good ones from the auditions, i don't think last night's performances were any good. i only saw the guys. last tuesday, i thought they weren't airing the girls' performances due to the winter olympics coverage.

speaking of olympics.. im kinda ecstatic right now watching the women's hockey game. it's usa vs. canada for the gold medal! the score is 2-0 in favor of canada (of course! haha!). canada's one period away from the gold medal! aaaaaahhhhh!!!


  1. Though I have say I'm Team USA, the Olympics have been really fun to watch. And I love your wonderful top and how you paired it with the jeans!

  2. i love how cheap forever 21 jeans are! and they look great on you from what i can see :)
    i haven't watched american idol in forever...maybe i should catch an episode or two sometime.

  3. Looks like Canada will win. Oh well. I still have hopes that the USA men's hockey team will win the gold medal.

  4. I know, I have two pairs from F21 and they fit like a dream. They're actually long enough, which is always hard for me. Great outfit!

  5. I haven't been keeping up on American Idol, but all of the girls, I thought, did a great job! I didn't watch the boys though!

  6. I love your dress!

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  7. i agree w/ jen - the jeans looking fantastic! xx


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