Friday, February 19

oh retail stores

so this post is a cumulative one for the shops and stores i was able to visit back in calgary. if you guys still do not know, i live in a city where we do not have a forever 21, h&m, topshop or zara. we're pretty lucky to have an american apparel store though. hahaha!
at edmonton mall
outfit: bench tee, suzy shier blazer, aa skirt, gojane shoes, ardene tights

anyway, one of the things i looked forward to in calgary was seeing the bigger versions of the stores and visiting stores that i haven't physically been into. also, they only had 5% tax there so everything was cheaper than in winnipeg.
i got $10 trousers!!!

3 for $10 bras!!! OMG!

i didn't get anything here but they had such amazing pieces!
i used to window online shop here all the time! hahahaha!

it was overwhelming to step into f21 for the first time!!!
omg! i spent like hours and hours inside!

another store i absolutely love! i can't wait til this opens here in the city.
oh btw, it's officially the bf's fave store too! hahaha!

no i didn't get much from my trip. 2 pairs of pants, couple of rings, lace skirt, pink top, knit scarf, bras on sale and some eyeshadow stick & lipstick. i was still on a budget, you know. hahaha! i cant wait to wear them once spring starts.

but now that i've seen how fantastic the shopping there was/is, im planning to do my shopping in periods now. like say i save money so that i can travel there and visit my bf and at the same time do end of season shopping there. hahahaha!


  1. awww! you're so cute! my first time stepping into those stores was overwhelming too :) but that was like...years ago. hehe! i can't wait to see your new goodies! and periodic shopping sounds like a good idea!! i think i should do that too... :)

  2. Sounds like a great time you had. When I lived back in hometown I didn't even know about these stores. Once I moved to the city, it was like a whole new clothing adventure! Have a great weekend hun!

  3. oooh shopping!! i would have love to see your expression stepping in those stores!! sounds like a lot of fun!!

  4. I know what you mean about f21 and H& sister and I have spent hours in each before. The stores are so big!

    Anthropologie is good for sale shopping. The one near us has a great sale section that I always hit up at the end/beginning of each season.

  5. Sounds like a fun day! And I love your bright top with the neutral skirt!

  6. yay for some great shopping! isn't forever 21 amazing? i always find myself getting lost there. :P

    can't wait to see how you wear all these pieces in the spring. i can't wait for warmer weather.

  7. very nice omg i love f21 jeeze...and my hubby love h&m too

  8. I agree, being in F21 is very overwhelming!!!

  9. winnipeg needs a H&M DESPERATELY


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