Thursday, February 18

catching up

so hello..
yes, i am alive and forgive me for being such a bad blogger for the past week. it's just been crazy the whole time. but i promise to make it up to you and bombard you with awesome stories and photos!!! yay!

are you ready?

so this was valentine's day for me and my bf. together with my cousin and her husband, we drove to banff and lake louise for the day. it was my first time to go there and boy, can i just say how spectacular the view was. so breath taking, i tell you. we really didn't do anything in particular, but walking around and taking photos of the mountains, sceneries and ice sculptures were enough to make me go oohhh and aahhh the whole time.

lake louise

being animated..

winter olympics

trying to mimic the sculpture

"banff village"

love the vibe

gondola rides

happy hearts day!

banff spring hotel

breath taking location

after our roadtrip, we headed to chinatown for our dinner.

yay for sushi!


loveboat! yummy!

i have so many more pictures, but i really dont want to slow down your computers for load time. hahahahaha! i'm trying to catch up with online blogs as i type this. there have been too many posts from my fave blogs about the weekend's festivities (NYFW) and im dying to read and see them all! :D

i'll end this post for now, but will get back tomorrow for my west edmonton mall adventures! :D


  1. wow! seems like you had an awesome time!!! :) i love the long posts with pictures. :D i love the ice sculptures!!! :D

  2. Its so beautiful. Definitely ooh and ahhh worthy:) I'm glad to hear that you had a great time.

  3. Awwww adorable photos!

    I want some sushi now too, Im glad you had so much fun.

  4. You are so cute! Those ice sculptures are amazing!!!

  5. aww! you and your bf are so adorable! it really looks like a winter wonderland there! looove!

  6. oh my God, sushi galore! i'm totally craving for some salmon skin and spicy salmon maki right now!! and what a romantic getaway!i always want to go to banff. the scenery is just spectacular:) have a safe trip back home!

  7. Nice photos!;))

    xoxo M.

  8. mmm omg you're making me miss sushi SO much. banff looks gorgeous i really want to go there oneday!

  9. Yum the food looks yummy! Ahhh I love the snow, looks so lovely.


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