Saturday, February 20

date night in calgary tower

one of our last date nights was spent at the calgary tower. when we reached the place, we discovered that they weren't serving dinner yet so we went around downtown first.
outfit: suzy shier blazer, joe fresh top, gojane shoes, divi harem pants, aa scarf

at around 5:30pm we decided to go back on the tower and get dinner already. i have no food photos to show you since my pictures turned out bad. hahaha!
this was the view when we were eating. the restaurant on top was a revolving one so i believe that in an hour, we were able to see a 360 view of the city. it was foggy that day hence the gray photos.
after dinner, we went to the viewing deck of the tower which was a floor higher than the restaurant. talk about vertigo!!!
i believe this was the last night that we were able to spend time together. the next day, i was busy shopping for last minute stuff for my family and the day after that was my flight going back to winnipeg. im really happy i got to go with him to calgary and spend one week exploring the city. it will be awhile before i get to see him personally again, but im keeping the faith and love. i believe that things will eventually work out fine for the both of us.


  1. Where's your nose @ last photo? :D

    Had fun with you at Chinatown this PM! Sa uulitin! BTW I have the Instax photos up already. :3

    - A

  2. wow the view from that restaurant is so gorgeous!! i love overhead city views, especially at night :) i'm glad you and your bf got to share such an amazing week before a little break, and i'm also really glad that you seem to be okay with being apart :) i'm rooting for the two of you! <3 if you ever need to talk, i'm always here sybil! hehe!

  3. Wow! Lucky girl!!!

    The view looks amazing

  4. i love that last picture of the two of you guys so much, it's way too adorable :) and i've always wanted to eat at a 360 tower restaurant. last time i was in canada a billion years ago we almost went but then we didn't's probably the same one actually now that i think about it!
    and is the floor glass too or am i just imagining things??? i'd be frightened to death haha. glad you had a lovely night out :)

  5. ahhh i cant believe HOW HUGE CALGARY IS!! omg

    and im sure u and ur boo will work out :)

  6. aw how romantic. truth betold, even though i've lived in calgary my whole life, i've never been up on the calgary tower. hahha great outfit too :)

  7. Awww, adorable photos! I can't believe that restaurant.. that is so amazing!


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