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first off, i'd like to say thank you to all the warm and sweet comments you gave me on my previous post. i really appreciate all of you showing your concern and even lending a listening ear. :D not that my concern has totally went away, but im really feeling a lot better today. im trying to stay positive and just thinking that eventually things will fall into place. cliche as it may sound, i want to believe that things happen for a reason.

anyway, back to regular programming.. today, i went to a kid's party. since i've been feeling crappy, i forgot to take pictures of the event. booh me! and yeah, i wasn't in the mood to really dress up all nice and kid-party-appropriate (i have my period and it sucks!!!) hence this oh so lazy outfit..
outfit: team manila tee, AE jeans, gojane oxfords

the bday celebrant!

oh.. speaking of getting your period (hahaha, i know i have no shame!), what normally are your symptoms or signals that tell you that you're getting it soon? i ask this because, i now know why i have been getting the worse breakouts lately. aside from me not feeling good, i just got my period. so with hormones & my oily skin, i get insane acne. i have been trying to counter the breakouts with my skin regime, which is nothing fancy. im trying out cetaphil cleanser plus the olay moisturizer.
i really love cetaphil! it really makes my skin soft and after using it i always feel like my skin can "breath more". it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it so i can definitely use it twice a day. what i usually do is just wash my face with a bit of water, get one pump of the cleanser, apply it thoroughly in my face, rinse it off and gently pat (not rub or wipe) my face with my towel to dry.

this got rid of my skin flakes beneath the eyes and cheeks while, i occasionally still get some in my nose. with the harsh winter here, my face gets really dry and this was a good affordable solution to that. unfortunately it doesn't have spf so it might not be as advisable for tropical weather. but i really love that it's light and you just need a pinch or so to cover your face. i use it before i apply any make-up.

what's your skin regime?
i want to know what works out there in the market.


  1. hey love, i hope you're feeling better. :) Im an optimistic person myself and well its sometimes hard but when you think about it. Life itself is too precious & beautiful to waste on negative thoughts. Smile dear, it will be okay. :)

    you still look adorable as always in your outfit! :) even if you think its laid back :P hehehe

    my skin regime is wash my face twice a day, morn & night with a light scrub. I'm currently use a blueberry & almond scrub but I think I'm gonna have to change it soon since I'm still oily. Then I put on a facial moisturizer, St.Ives one. Im not too particular with what kind of moisturizer actually as long as I remember to moisturize. :)

  2. Love your blog!!!

    For daily cleansing I use Cetaphil every morning and Dr LeWinns scrub @ night.

    Olay Total Effects + Lancome UV Expert Neurosheild + Clinique POre Minimizer for day and Total Effects Serum or Avene Skin Recovery cream at night. Laneiege yoghurt strawberry peel and mask once a week.

    Cetaphil is good for removing daily makeup (I only use powder and blush normally) and Dr Lewinn facila polishing gel scrub after.

    Avene skin recovery cream is good during those hormonal days :) Good luck with the skin regime!

  3. hey, i really hope you feel better soon! try and stay positive :)

    my bf has quite dry skin and he swears by cetaphil and says it works really well. i was using it too for the last two months while we were away on holiday and it worked pretty well for me, i don't think i had a big breakout at all- and this was while we were eating out at restaurants almost every night and not having enough fruit and veges! XD

  4. why do we have to have period!? I hate it!!


    thanks for the comment

  5. Its good to hear that you're feeling a little better. I have oily skin and am sometimes prone to breakouts (especially around that time:) but have also found that my skin dries out really badly in the winter. I use neutrogena oil free face wash, but only wash my face at night to prevent it from drying. Then I use either olive oil (summer) or Burt's Bees Marshmallow vanishing cream (winter) at night and Cetaphil spf 50 during the day. Its really great.

    Something that I read in a magazine and now use religiously on breakouts is neosporin or some other anti-bacteria salve. It prevents pimples from getting infected and when I wake up in the morning after using it before I go to bed, its always better.

  6. Oh and I exfoliate twice a week, which always helps a lot.

  7. i'm glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better. keep a smile on that lovely face :) and ugh, don't periods suck? i usually know when it's coming if my stomach doesn't feel to well.

    i've heard to many good reviews about cetaphil (and my roommate last year used it and she had PERFECT skin). maybe i should try them out. and i love olay! another favorite of mine is Aveeno products. i use their moisturizing lotion. :)

  8. Hi girls!
    Thanks for your lovely comment!
    Now we follow your blog.. hope you'll do the same!
    We'll wait you..!

  9. You look great here!

    I'm a big fan of Olay.. It works miracles for me!

  10. aww sybil! i'm on my period too (thank god now, and not in a couple of days...)!!! AHHHH! we have the same cycle! how weird and cool?! HAHA okay moving on........

    my warnings are...a little oily skin and really really bad cramps, oh and really weird food cravings (i remmeber one month i wanted corn. yes specifically that corn tatse.).

    i actually didn't start taking care of my skin until recently. i never really had bad skin thank goodness, but i do get a pimple here and there at times and i have a lot of blackheads. now i just use these aveeno facewash pads (which are AMAZING), the st. ave's apricot scrub, and when i have time neutrogena's pore minimizer (i'm still testing this pores are too big for my liking...). the face pads and the apricot scrub are amazing! even my boyfriend, who loved my skin before i started all this, cannot keep his hands off my face (which is a bit counterproductive i know..).

    hope your spirts stay up and go higher and higher and higher<333

  11. Nice pants! love your hair there.. =)
    I don't do much for my skin.. errr.. kindda lazy. hehehe.

  12. It doesn't look like a lazy outfit at all. Super cute in fact!

    I also use Cetaphil (as recommended by the derrmatologist) and Olay too!

  13. How funny! looks like a lot of us use similar products! I use Cetaphil twice a day, and olay night cream before bed. I have tried the oily skin Cetaphil, and the regular, and although I have oily skin, the regular one seems to work better for my skin. It is just so gentle! I also use Clearasil Ultra when I feel a breakout hitting!

  14. hey love. i have a bad skincare regimen. and my skin is killing me for it! haha!

    i just scrub with St. Ive's Apricot Scrub once-twice a week and use L'oreal facial wash. For moisturizers, I usually use Clean & Clear but currently, I'm using Pond's Flawless White...I'm trying to get rid of dark spots. So far, the moisturizer is not working. :?

  15. Oh my skin gets flaky and really dry in the winter as well :( I always use moisturizer with SPF though (my mom made me super paranoid about skin damage haha)

  16. eeps, sorry to hear about bad PMS (i get totally moody and i break out, too).
    i've used clinique for years because i have the most sensitive skin on the planet. even though it's a little bit pricier than drugstore stuff, it lasts long enough that i don't stress about it and it works so well that i'm saving money on not switching products every few weeks like i was before.
    and it is great for sensitive skin, if you have it, too.
    hope this helps and that you feel better soon!

  17. I used to break out a lot but now I rarely get pimples. However, I have a wee bit of scarring left so I use the Lancome whitening range. When I do get a pimple, I use Mario Badescu's drying lotion which I highly recommend!

  18. I use Cetaphil as well! My skin is prone to eczema and it defintely works well for my sensitive skin... You look super duper adorable as always :) Honestly I`m a huge slacker when it comes to my skin, I use cleanser on a "GOOD" day. Yep.... a supersize bottle of Cetaphil can last me a good year. The one thing that I don't skip out on though is using Cetaphil's facial cream. It's not greasy or heavy at all and definitely helps soothe my dry patches and the eczema. I really should start cleansing my face on a daily basis, but I still stick to the towel and water routine. Whoops :P! xo

  19. Luv ur outfit hun, casual and chic! Im catching up on ur blog now too : ) xx

  20. Luv ur outfit hun, casual and chic! Im catching up on ur blog now too : ) xx

  21. I love your tee so much! I use these tea tree oil face pads that I get from Trader Joes and they seem to work really well for breakouts.

  22. aww sybil, i just read your most recent blog post, and i won't say too much, but feel infinitely better soon, okay? :) there's nothing wrong with drowning yourself in sad songs (i do it all the time) but take a break from them once in a while so you don't get too down in the dumps. here's a HUUUUGE virtual hug from me to you :) <3

  23. wat a cute kid!!! i hope you feel better soon baby

  24. Hey dear, i tried to put a comment on your newest post but couldn't! I hope you feel better, remember everything in this life has a solution... So be happy and enjoy this life that sometime is bittersweet but we still got to suck it up with the best face we can!!

    And i hope you get some job too!

  25. Umm Aveno Cleanser works pretty well! Lovely tee!

  26. hey sweetheart :) thanks for your absolutely lovely comment. You always make me smile :D :D :D
    I remember you asking me when I was asking for questions for my Q&A what skin regimen I do, and I use Cetaphil!!! I use the one for 'oily' skin even though I'm more 'combination'. it seriously wipes everything OUT.
    The aforementioned Q&A is coming....heh.

  27. i wana love cetaphil but it doesnt remove my make up.. hehe.. u have great skin dear..


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