Saturday, February 6

nothing special..

im still a bit shaken up with the whirlwind of events happening around me. i just think this blog is too public to actually pour out my whole feelings and emotions in it. i really want to feel ok and i want to believe that everything's going to be fine, but lately i have just been so down and depressed. i have always been stubborn with matters like this. as much as i am a very jolly and optimistic person, i struggle so hard when it comes to my negative feelings. aaahhh.. i can't believe im going through this all over again!?!?!

Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing

anyway.. now that i've laid that aside, i have nothing interesting to blog about today except for my outfit.

i went to submit hours for my part time job in the university. tomorrow, i have a kids' party to go to and i hope that can at least take my mind off things..

sorry for this crappy post.
must be my period acting up on me.


  1. Okay, so first thing's first. I love your outfit. That pop of red in the shirt? The circle scarf and grey skirt? Perfection.

    Second, my heart really goes out to you. I know we don't all really 'know' each other in real life, but I hope you're okay and that you have someone to talk to. If not, please let me know. It may sound cheesy, but I very much mean it.

  2. love your outfit :)and ive always love your smile on all your photos, with that said i really hope everything gets better with whatever problems you might be having.

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  4. Really cute look! I hope you feel better....the winter season has the tendency to unfortunately bring us down even more. : (

  5. aww sybil, i'm sorry hear you're feeling so down right now. what ever it is you're stubborn about, learn to let it go and don't let anything build up inside of you. keep that optimism you have and don't let the negativity bring you down. if you ever need someone to vent to i'm a great listener so just shoot me an email.

    on a brighter note, you're looking really cute in that outfit and i love that aa skirt. here's a BIG VIRTUAL INTERNET HUG! :)

  6. Hi Sybil!!! I'm so sorry to hear that you're kinda feeling down. I imagine you as an always happy girl because whenever you greet me somewhere around the internet world, you never fail to make me smile. I hope you'll feel better soon because I don't want to see you frown.

    Please take care sweety! You know I love you! MWAH!

  7. SYBIL<3 feel better dear! I'm always here for you via email ( to pour your heart out to. I'm a good listener (or uh reader...) and love you unconditionally! I hope everything gets better for you, because they will eventually!

    Love your outfit too! I'm always SO jealous of your AA rewards, like that skirt!

  8. Really like your outfit, grey and red is fierce!

  9. Cute outfit!
    she is my life she is so amazing. her lyrics are so insightful and mean so much. Wow, the fact that you posted one of my many favorite songs of hers just made me so happy!

  10. aw sybil! i hope you are feeling better! :( if you need someone to talk to, shoot me a message ok? awww. i really hope you feel better, dear! T-T

  11. how awesome is that AA scarf?? i love mine =)

  12. I really love this outfit on you! Nice colour combination x Sushi

  13. Love the look, I like the red and gray together :)

  14. Hope you're feeling better today. Hang in there! (And your outfit looks great.) :)

  15. Ok I have caught up on ur blog, Im really sorry to hear that u have been feeling this way lately. I am sure its a mix of ur period and everything else thats making u feel this way hun. We all feel like this, I do,very often, in fact I am feeling like that right now. Just try to think of all the positive things in ur life, have a glass of champagne and piece of dark chocolate and read ur fav magazine, that always makes me feel better. SEnding u a big hug! Mwah xxx


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