Tuesday, February 9

the good, the bad and the ugly..

the good: i think God has been hearing me out amidst the depressing moments i've been having lately. i tried to apply for a part time events coordinator job for a local newspaper here in the city. and they've been trying to contact me thru email if im interested. the thing is, the guy who's supposed to interview me is going to vancouver in a couple of days so the interview might not happen until he comes back. and then, ok. so i went out today and when i got home, my mom tells me that someone from a nearby chiropractic clinic called and asked if i was interested in taking a receptionist type of job for them. since i wasn't home, i'll try and give them a call tomorrow and see how that will progress.. aahh do i smell a job or what? let's not forget, i still have upcoming test papers to grade and research studies to administer for my university part time.

the bad: so yeah, im still in a rut. not totally fashion rut, but like.. emotional rut. bleeehhh!! i've been trying to up my spirits i swear. but i just can't help it. you'll find out soon what's the whole deal with this. and because of this whole sad phase, i haven't had the interest to dress up or shop or eat out or do anything exciting (thus, the idle blog & chictopia account).

the ugly: ok.. this is gonna be so lame and i dont think it's helping at all, but i have this disease of listening to sad songs when im sad. hahahaha! LAME! but seriously, as much as i hate major EMO people, i think i have my moments of being like them too! aacckkk! i opened up my music files (which i haven't touched for the longest time) and found some grey's anatomy tracks! omg.. the songs were so good.. some of them made me feel much sadder, but some of them made me feel relaxed..

i know this entry is so boring and made up of pure text. aackk, i wouldn't mind if you won't read it. but if you're actually reading this part, then thanks for your time!


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