Saturday, February 20

back in winterpeg

im back here in winterpeg, as most of you would have guessed with my use of past tense sentences in my previous post about the calgary tower. my trip was so amazing! i would definitely go back there for shopping, leisure and of course visiting the boy.
i got back here a few days ago (aack, can i just complain as to why there's still snow on the ground!?). anyway, i've been trying to update myself with my emails and posts that i have missed last week. im in the process of uploading my last outfit post from calgary in chictopia. after that, i should be well on catching up with real time happenings here in my blog.

the next few weeks will be a bit hectic for me. i really could have stayed longer in calgary, but i have university research responsibilities here so i had to go back right away. plus, now that i've actually had a vacation, i feel more motivated to find a real job. career mode on!

btw, i just wanted to take this post as an opportunity to say thank you to all those who wished me well throughout my vacation. im happy to read that people still continue to visit my blog amidst my periodic posts. i promise to be a better blogger now especially that i realized i have already 65 followers!?! OMG!!! i know most of you have 100+ followers already but for an amateur like me, that means a lot. i'm so grateful and flattered! stay tuned, i just might cook up a little giveaway or something very soon!!!!


  1. thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog/chictopia account!!! congrats on 65 followers!!


  2. Hey hun!! I am soooo behind on blogging, everything will be better next week though : ) Miss u and ur blog! xxx

  3. looks like a cold place... winnipeg. hehe

  4. nothing like home sweet home! :) glad you were able to take a vacation before these next few hectic weeks.


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