Tuesday, January 19

when i look at the stars.. i feel like myself!

i don't even know where to begin with this post! i just spent a good couple of hours uploading this video from the concert awhile ago. and i think it's time to blog about it! aaaaahhhh!!!! switchfoot did not disappoint!

so let me first share what i end up wearing for the night. we arrived one hour before the opening of the concert doors since it was a first come-first served event. this outfit was enough to last me through the waiting so that's good! :D
outfit: suzy shier jacket, AA shirt, garage leggings, le chateau boots, greenhills scarf

bare with me and my pictures since i dont have a good camera nor was my location very ideal for good pictures.
on with the show now, yes?

jon foreman (vocalist) started their first song just beside the bleachers area where we were seated hence the really close up pictures of his back! hahaha!

the band sang songs from their current album and ended the night with hits from their older records. it was amazing to just sway, headbob and sing with the crowd and the band themselves! hahaha!

after a really fun, dynamic and solid show, we decided to grab some late night food in vi-ann (vietnamese restaurant). got some soup and calamari. odd combination? yeah.. but totally delicious! hahaha! great way to cap the night..
oh god, it's 5am. i still need to update my chictopia for more outfit photos! hahahahaha!


  1. Oh that soup looks so good right now (its snowing pretty heavily outside:)! Your outfit looks spot on for the concert. I'm glad you had a great time.

  2. i always love your pictures!!i also don't have a fancy camera (only a canon point&shoot) or a great backdrop to work with, but as Tim Gunn always says: MAKE IT WORK!:) aahh...pho noodles!love them, especially with tripe, extra hot sauce and hoisin sauce!mmm...salivating! hahaha :D


  3. aaah! i'm jealous like you have no idea! i was supposed to see relient k this year and their opening band was switchfoot. unfortunately, i had an exam at the exact same time, so i never made it =/ i still get upset about it!


  4. wow... i used to listen to the during my emo days.

  5. great photos!! i really like your outfit!! love the yellow with all the dark!! and yummy pho!! i havent had that in a while!! it would be perfect for this rainy weather of ours!!

  6. I am so jealous, wish I couldve gone to the concert also!

    Gotta love pho soup!

  7. That concernt looks so amazing!! Wow!! And the food?! I always looked for fried calamari whenever I'm in a resturant :-) xoxoxoxo

  8. ahh! i LOOOOOOOVE switchfoot! <3 you're so lucky you got to experience that amazing concert, AND you look great :)

  9. very cool! I like your scarf a lot!

    check out my blog!

  10. Luv ur outfit and pics! Thanks for sharing Hope u have a lovely day!: ) xxx

  11. lov the outfit and the pics and now im hungry xxx

  12. Ahh, I used to listen to them a lot!:) I'm green with envy. BTW, I am going through your entries. I like reading your adventures and stuff. I wish to live in another country for a while. Just to experience it. Earn a lot more and wear whatever without people staring rudely or in awe.

    Thanks always for the lovely comments, sweetie!

  13. im glad u had fun at the concert and omg that food looks so good!

    im craving calamari so bad right now!

  14. I LOVE Switchfoot!!!! They're the first band I saw in concert live! I can't bleieve you were able to see them perform their new songs.. Thanks for showing us the pictures! And soup and calamari sounds delicious to me! ;)


  15. Aw, I know this is old now but AGHHH I love Switchfoot. My boyfriend lives for Jon Foreman. Oh man, so jealous you got to see them! This is so neat :)


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