Monday, January 18

recapping a good week

today was family sunday. we had lunch here at our place. and thank goodness for lotsa lotsa food! hahaha!

after lunch, my cousins decided that i should go with them to the outlet stores. to tell you quite frankly, i didn't want to go since i knew that going with them means buying something. but of course, i can't resist that invite especially from those kids. hahaha! the sales were still on. i guess most of the stores are still trying to get rid of their inventories from last year in time for the new stock this spring.
outfit: kamiseta tunic, joe fresh belt, sm socks, sirens boots, celine bag

this is me hurrying up to go to the car! haha!

i did end up buying something, but i want to save it for my haul post. i promise, i will do that as soon as i have a substantial amount of items to post. hahaha!

after shopping, my bf and i went a friend's place to visit her and her newborn baby! :D she gave birth to a baby girl about 2 weeks ago and she is just the sweetest thing...

on other news....

tomorrow, i will be watching switchfoot in concert!!!! YAY!!! for those of you who haven't heard of them.. here's one of their more popular hits..

I'm so psyched for this!!! The only thing is.. I don't have anything to wear yet! Any suggestion outfit for a rock concert?? :)


  1. She is the sweetest thing... <3 :) I'm loving that dress SO SO MUCH. Where'd you get it?! and all that food looks soooo tempting.... I'm drooling excessively!! xo

  2. @Jess: I got the dress from back home! around $10 :D

  3. Girl, you are too cute! Aaand your friend's baby, of course! Can I come over sometime? The food looks delish! ;)


  4. i love the smell of babies. hahaha, i sound like a baby eater,huh? but seriously, it's something about their smell (maybe the baby oil?) that makes me feel so serene. Anyway :p love the outfit! arent you glad the temperatures were positive over the weekend? I only wore skirts+ tights and I survived :D

  5. aww that baby is soo cute. love your look as i told you on chictopia :D
    unfortunately i cannot see the video :(

    you could wear a black dress to the concert maybe with black boots and wavy hear to jump around haha. or maybe you have some docmartens or keds?

  6. aww the baby is adorable! looking forward to that haul post :P love outlet shopping haha when it comes to high quantity at ridiculous prices

  7. mmm food!!

    cute cute outfit :) yeay for shopping with cousins!!

    and the baby is adorable!!

  8. you look so chic in this outfit! that tunic is just gorgeous on you (especially the color!) and all that food is making me drool. i'm starving! and i can't wait to see the haul post. i love this time of year when stores are trying to get rid of all their winter gear.
    and your friend's baby is adorable. i love the little blanket they wrapped her in!

    have fun at the switchfoot concert tomorrow! i'll be sitting here being jealous :P

  9. Gorgeous dress! You look so cute! :) And the baby...oh, my goodness!!!! She's beautiful! And have fun at the concert!!

  10. Oh I love that pretty dress and especially your bag! I want a beige bag! Your friend has such a beautiful baby, too!

  11. I can't wait to see your closet haul post. The baby is adorable!

  12. Oh boy I think my maternal clock just skipped! that baby girl is precious! Sorry but she's kind of stealing your thunder lady!lol

    You look great in pink/pastels.

  13. Oh and someone asked me the other day what's there to do in Winnipeg ( you know cause i'm canadian and I should know these things) but I didn't know what to answer??

  14. mmmm that lunch just made me so hungry. haha. love that outfit too.

    xo Niki

  15. your outfit is adorable!!!! :D the baby is so cute!!! has that, i just woke up face! sooo cuteeeeee :D

  16. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!

    It sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend! :)

  17. Luved ur post and ur outfit is super chic!! xx


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