Wednesday, January 20

as promised..

so today wasn't as eventful as i expected and therefore, to make this post a lil bit more interesting, i'll do my haul here as promised.

before that though, let me tell you a little bit about how today went. so i woke up early to get ready for a job fair happening in our university campus. unfortunately, the companies who attended were more gearing towards engineering, agriculture and science fields (i finished with a commerce degree, btw). tomorrow is a whole different thing though since the faculty of management is holding it's own job fair that caters specifically to commerce students, so hopefully that would be more beneficial for me. (iick, sorry for boring you with so and so career stuff).
outfit: suzy shier blazer&belt, maldita dress, ardene tights, gojane shoes

on with the haul, yes?
most of these things i actually got last week. not that much and no i didn't get all of them in one day. plus, these are such cheap items!! some were gifts, others were purchased by myself.

1. accessories from sirens: necklace & bangles (2 for $10)
i've been dying to wear these pieces out!

2. make-up brushes from joe fresh ($10)
my faves would be the crease brush (2nd from bottom) and the concealer brush (orange brush)

3. turtleneck top from joe fresh
loving the nude color

4. sparkly scarf from ???

good addition to my really lame scarf collection, haha!

5. colorful bodysuits from stitches (2 for $6)
insane deal!
too bad they didn't come in more basic colors.

i can't wait to wear both this red & teal one.

6. dream body spray from the gap

i haven't picked up this scent for a long time.
within the bodyspray category, i only wear bath&body scents,

body shop's white musk & this dream from the gap.

speaking of bath & body.. i passed by the mall awhile ago and look what i saw!!! they're finally opening!!! i'm super psyched.
im totally in love with their scents. they're so much lighter than victoria's secret's and i tend to like fruity scents better than flowery ones. on a daily basis, i only wear body sprays and i save the heavy perfumes on more special occasions. right now, i just finished my sweet pea scent and im off to cucumber melon (which is my ultimate fave!!!).
how about you, guys? what scent do you wear on a daily basis? :)


  1. Arrrgh My first comment didnt go through!!!
    Hate when that happens.

    Anyways, I've been keeping an eye out for a bodysuit but Im looking for a lace one but I probably buy those too just cause it's cheap (I am so Filipino!).

    Gotta love the bangles! Im so addicted with accessories lately!

  2. ahhh! you're such a lucky girl with all those new goodies! i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you in those sirens' accessories and those colorful bodysuits ;] woo! i love your outfit--PERFECTLY sophisticated yet casual for a career fair! good luck tomorrow dear <3

    and i used to like bath and body scents, but got over the fruity-ness (though i ADORE their sweet pea, but i guess that is more of a floral scent) and am actually loving victoria secret's scents now. ahaha, i'll probably switch back to more fruity scents once spring or summer comes around :)

  3. Ooooh what's this SHOPPING BAN BROKEN?! YOU'RE SO WEAK. Kidding ;P:P!! I'm going to meet up with a local Chictopian this Friday, I'm SO EXCITED. Breaking my "ban" which totally hasn't been in effect.

    I'm so excited to see you wear those body suits! Where'd you find them? SUCH A FANTASTIC DEAL.

  4. @ mrs. zeus, if you want a nice lace body suit, there are awesome ones in aritzia on sale (around $25) which isn't bad for that store and the quality is better than these ones i got. i saw them last weekend and was so tempted to get them. but i just needed to restrain myself a bit. hahaha! too much shopping = bad bad bad!

    @ post grad hair cut, i know right!?! they were originally $20, but they got slashed to $10. i haven't tried the blush brush and the shadow one since my current ones are still doing good. but the 3 others are enough for an make-up amateur like me. hahaha! :D

    @ jasmine, i would probably end up getting tired of bath&body once they open a store here. i think the thing with me & that store is just the thought that it's not here and so it's not as accessible to everyone, you know what i mean? hahaha! we'll see. or maybe, ill just get more addicted to it. hahaha!

    @ jess, oh mind you, my dear.. most of these items were given to me. the only stuff i purchased were the bodysuits and brushes. im still on the 'only buy it when you need it' rule when it comes to shopping. hahaha!
    the bodysuits were from stitches (you can also get them from urban planet, i believe since they're just the same store, somehow..)

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I love your new bodysuits...absolutely rockin'!!!!

  6. Gap Dream! That used to be my scent as well. :-) and White Musk! Now I use Pink by Victoria's Secret and/or Vanilla Lace!

  7. I'm loving the dress and blazer! SO CUTE.

    And thanks girl for making me feel better about my outfit in my last post!! I just felt kind of blah about it since it's old and I didn't really try to do something cool with it. :)

  8. love your newly acquired items, dear. sorry your day was uneventful! if it makes you feel better, i've got nothing to look forward to except for another day of classes then work this weekend. ugh. i'm excited to see your new turtleneck on you though!

  9. you look AMAZING in that blazer (and i love how the sleeves roll up to reveal the striped lining!) :) you look lovely as usual. hope that career fair tomorrow helps you out!
    i'm so jealous of your haul goodies btw!
    i love those make-up brushes. the only two brushes i really use that often are my crease and concealer brushes. don't forget to wash them! i never did when i first started using mine and i never realized bacteria could get trapped in them. thought they were invincible haha :)
    and those body suits! oooh i have to invest in some of those. love the colors you picked :D

  10. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck!

    Follow me if you want on

    x Valentine

  11. Great look and great haul! Oh I like those bracelet from Sirens! and Wow the bodysuit are a good deal! I should try to see if they have them around my town!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  12. omg those body suits from stitches are SUCH a good deal

  13. I love all of the new additions!
    check out my blog!

  14. love your accessories!!!! you got a brush set!!! for so cheap too!! tell me how they are! :)

  15. yay, finally a set of make up brushes! are they any good? I really need to replace my angled eyeliner brush! and stitches sells bodysuits? what the?? i think it's about time for me to pay the store a visit!

    my fav BBworks scent? SWEET PEA!!!!
    actually, i also LOVE midnight pomegranate :)
    and cucumber melon is such a classic scent, works for everybody!

  16. First of all I would like to say that you look amazing in the first shot... However... Aren't you cold?? :p
    Second, I would like to tell you that I am sooooooooooooo jealous of your colourful bodysuits... :) Love them...
    And third, you have an amazing blog! Love reading your posts :) Keep it up! xxx

  17. hi libys! ive been following you for quite sometime, i adore your posting in your chictopia account & also lovin ur blog... i love on how u mix & match your everyday outfit.. ur an inspiration...pls do check my blog also... thansk dear!..heres the link of my blog,


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