Wednesday, January 6

what do you think?

i wore my new coat today. and remember what i mentioned about its fit? well, here's how i look in it. what do you think???

do you think it's tight? click to zoom.
coz i have some ideas up in my sleeve to make it work
(since i really don't want to return it).

outfit: forever21 coat, garage leggings, le chateau boots, celine purse

i really love the color, texture and button details. im so sorry since i own a crappy camera and for some reason my pictures turned really gloomy. the color of the coat is 1 million times better in person! (as you would have seen in my previous post)

i went to a nearby mall to drop off some forever21 items that my friend ordered together with the stuff i got online. aside from that, of course i took the opportunity to roam around and window shop. and yes, you heard that right! i totally just window shopped.

i did try a couple of things from stores and most of them were totally on low value sales. however, i really had to restrain myself. i really did overshop during the holidays and i better pay off my credit card before i start using it again. hahaha!

gaaahh!!! i'm so hungry but i feel so fat right now. :|


  1. so i'm in love with your new coat! it looks fantastic on you, and i especially love that second picture. :)
    i can't seem to go to the mall anymore. i always end up buying so many things i don't need. it's heartbreaking haha

  2. cute coat!

  3. I love that coat.. I think it looks great! Not too tight at all. Proud of you for just window shopping! I need to start doing that too! Hehe.

  4. window shopping is the worst! it just makes me sad!

    i have nothing to do right now before my exchange term so i've been hanging out at the UofM!

    let's meet up for starbucks on friday? i would love to meet you!!!

    ADD ME ON FB: Monica W (network: queen's university)

  5. super love the coat, you look amazingly chic in it :) the gold buttons are so lovable, perfect to cheer up gloomy winter mood. Btw, I love you post on Chictopia about the love/hate thing. I can talk aloooot about it but I refrained myself to 2 comments :p Hahaha...

  6. I think it fits you perfectly perfectly PERFECTLY well on you :) And WHERE THE HECK DID YOU GET THAT GORGEOUS PURSE. GIMME GIMME GIMME <33! I'm super duper hungry as well... Gosh darnit insomnia sucks!

  7. Wow, u look soo classy and chic!! I luv this look!! Hope u have a fabulous day! xx

  8. great coat! it fits perfectly on you. and it's snowing there... waaahhh parang ang lamig! ^^

  9. i looove that coat! i super adore the buttons! i've been trying to find that coat in stores, but i can't :( it fits you well dear!

    I've been window shopping online lately...and it's torture! ahh! but yes we all need to save money after the holidays!


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