Thursday, January 7

Imogen Heap

so i've been listening to her for a number of years now. i first heard of imogen heap from a friend back in the philippines. she even used to collaborate with another guy when they were still known as frou frou. i started relistening to her/them when i heard their songs in grey's anatomy. aaahhhh!!! she's such a genius! i love her tunes and the vibe i get from her music. :) yeah, my bf always teases me coz i like quirky, weird, indie music and singers.


  1. speeding cars is one of my all time favorite songs. ever. :)
    she has such a mesmerizing voice.

  2. i loooove herrrrrr! hehe i wrote about her in a post too! :D ahhh<3

  3. Oh gosh.. I just LOVE her. I started listening to her because Brett (of all people!) liked her.. and it just reminds me of when we first got married and were unpacking all of our things into our first place. Well, actually when she was Frou Frou. But I love Imogen Heap too, obviously! Hehe!

  4. i love her!! her fuss free hairstyle!! oh god her voice is really unique.. very haunting .. me too. my friends dont understand my choice of music.. hehe.. its ok!

    love yah0


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