Monday, January 4

the holiday haul!

so... finally 3 out of the 5 packages im expecting finally arrived! yay for patience! teehee! i don't wanna go rambling some more so here's what i got this holiday season aside from the gifts from my relatives & friends here.

from the Philippines (thank you to my relatives there!!)
by request, here are copies of my fave filipino fashion mag! :)

pearl bracelet
i have so many pearl stuff that i'd totally want to layer them all in my wrist!

im such a water girl in the summer, in case you didn't know

bow headband
im gonna try this trend and see if it works out for me. teehee!

neon tee from bench (local brand)
the story behind this was that this is supposedly for my brother but didn't fit him so i ended up taking it from him! it doesn't photograph well, but i totally love the color of this shirt.

from Forever21 (thanks to free holiday shipping which only took 3-4 business days!)
got this for less than $10. it was part of their twist collection.


bottom hem details (so cute!)

blue coat
this is absolutely gorgeous however, i have a slight problem with how it fits me in the chest area. damn! i don't want to return it since it fits nice everywhere else. i think i just really need to 'minimize' my boobs! wahahahahaha!

gorgeous buttons
sorry for my lame attempt to take shots of the details :p

dome ring
this makes me go *kapow* hahaha! im in love with this! it's my first chunky ring and i think i'll start buying more!!!

extra stuff i just wanted to share
make-up brushes
i badly need a good basic set. i only got this from my bf's mom. haha!

i can't wait to have parties or events to be able to use these things! since im currently jobless, i don't really go out that much and thus, i don't get to dress up unlike before when i used to go to university 4 times a week. i really need to get a job soon!


  1. AHH SYBIL! YOU HAVE A BOW NOW! WEAR IT! WEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D YAYYYYYY! you'll get addicted seriously! i love that coat so much, and i totally know the angst of having too big boobs, especially when it fits great everywhere else :( wahh! it is a gorgeous color and the buttons are lovely!! maybe if you wear a sports bra? hehe?

    lovely haul dear! i'm so happy for you!! :D

    oh and good luck job hunting<3

  2. i'm quite in love with your forever 21 haul! that coat is GORGEOUS (the colors, the buttons, ahh i'm in love). i can't wait to see how you wear it! and the ruffles on the bottom of that white top/dress are gorgeous.
    and that bow! ahh i love new purchases :)

  3. love the bow headband and that f21 tunic (sooooo adorable!) wear them together!! :D:D:D

    I agree with the makeup brushes. The good ones can make a difference in applying make up. I'm currently using the ELF brushes and they're great (and friggin cheap!)

  4. Great haul! Love love the shirt and the lace bottom also the jacket!

    I cannot wait on how you're gonna dress it up!

  5. Adorable headband.. I cannot wait to see pictures... and the jacket is darling! I really love the detail in the buttons!

  6. Love the pearl bracelet and the f21 items! Excited to see the outfits you put together :)

  7. AHHH GIVE ME THAT BOW HEADBAND NOW. That dome ring is fantastic! I actually cannot get enough of those colours... :)

  8. super coollll!!! love everything, xx

  9. wow dami ah! i buy preview every month. it's the only mag i buy. ayyyyy ang cute nung flipflops! di ko alam may japanese(y) designs pala sila. must check them out! and the white shirt with the drawn faces is very Lanvin! winner. ^^

    happy new year! ^^

  10. great gifts you've got there! i love that chunky purple ring-oversize rings are one of my go-to fashion staples; very mary-kate olsen! =)

  11. I luv everything!!!Cant wait to see you styling everything hun! xx

  12. Love the bow headband and the shirt.. but the ring is fabulous too! hehehe.. ^^


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