Saturday, January 2

welcome back

forgive my voice (eeww! hahaha!)

so i just arrived from the airport. i went there to pick up my cousins and uncle who spent their holidays back in the philippines. it was nice to see them again. goodness, i had so many things to ask them and rightfully, they had lots of stories to share about family and friends back home.
winter outfit: sirens coat, divi top, AE jeans, le chateau boots, dynamite gloves

waiting for their arrival

my cousins got dark!

family picture

goodies from the back home!!!

i'll probably make a 'haul' post next week of all the goodies i've ordered, gotten and redeemed for the past weeks. i'll include the stuff i got from my aunts back in the philippines! yay!


  1. ahh! yay for family arriving home safely! and it looks like you've gotten so many goodies! eek! i'm so excited :D hmm i think i'll make one too this weekend!!

  2. Sybil! You should have joined you cousins! It would be fun to have a Chictopia meet and greet here with you! AWESOME BLOG!!!! I'm so aliw.

  3. haha, nothing is better (and warmer) than a cup of timmies in winter :D
    haul post soon, please :)

  4. Cute family photos! And your scarf looks so warm and cozy! Yayy for all of your new goodies!

  5. hi honey!
    Where in the Philippines is your family from? My mom spent a lot of her youth there because my grandpa had a factory or something in Manila. I've never been, but my Mom says it's gorgeous!
    And yay platforms! They are much more precarious for us CDN girls when there's ice out all the time...

  6. Nice! Let me see what you get in those balikbayan boxes. lol


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