Sunday, January 3

500 Days of Summer

i know this movie is from a couple of months ago but it was only now that i got to rent the bluray disc and watch it with my bf. i've been meaning to see this because i've heard that the soundtrack to this movie would be my type of music: magical, whimsical, indie, pleasant and just acoustic quirky goodness. and i totally got more than wonderful music from this movie.

no, i'm not your movie expert and quite frankly, i just started watching random hollywood movies when i got here in canada (since there is nothing much to do when it's winter time!). thus, i don't really mind whether you agree or disagree with my 'review'. teehee!

anyway, on to the movie. so 500 days of summer is your typical boy meets girl story, falls in love kind of deal and well.. i don't want to spoil the ending. hahaha! but what i totally adored about it is how they presented the plot with the flashbacks rotated in the different 'days of summer' and how they incorporated the animation within the movie itself. if you've watched juno and remember that first part where they were drawing the sceneries and backgrounds for the main actors, that's the same idea in this movie but with a more romantic twist.

i also think that the 2 main actors in this movie were the perfect people to play the characters of summer and tom. i have this weakness for awkward characters and that's probably why i loved them both here. plus, their outfits were so stunning!!! summer's clothes were so adorable and picture perfect all the time! tom's were so neat and just charming.
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as i've mentioned, the soundtrack is my kind of music. cool, easy to the ears, refreshing and just something that will make you feel good. it went so well with the whole vibe of the movie. with the likes of regina spektor, feist, vagabond and yes, even mumm-ra, how can you go wrong?! :) here some music and see some videos here.

overall, i totally loved this movie! (heck of course i'll probably gonna end up giving reviews to those that i like, yes? hahahaha!)


  1. oh my god! i loved her outfits! i haven't watched this movie in a while...must watch it to get some inspiration!! :D i love this type of music too--it just instantly brightens your day :D

  2. I love this movie! It's not like all those typical romantic comedies. & I love the soundtrack as well :)

  3. I love this movie! but its pretty sad :(

  4. I loved this film too, especially the outfits! I mean, obviously there was so much more to love, but the outfits were just so beautiful...


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