Friday, January 1

top 9 outfits for 2009

so in my mere attempts to have a year-ender post, i ended up browsing thru my outfit pictures and picking my favorites. it's weird coz i started doing the whole chictopia thing last january and it's been fun being able to dress up and document them. and now with another year, im starting this new blog.
blazer + dress ensemble

shorts + tights ensemble

circle scarf addiction

beloved summer hat

some bohemian vibe

being geeky with harem pants

nautical shorts

$7 walmart bustier

favorite skirt

i didn't do much today. i just finished my research assistant take home work and sent it to my supervisor. im picking up my cousins later tonight in the airport. they celebrated the holidays back home in the philippines. it will be so nice to hear about their experiences and see pictures of how everyone is doing. but more of that on a another post..

so this would be my fashion-related 2009 review post. let's see if i get another free day and be able to make another year-ender post regarding a different topic. maybe top 9 restaurants i've been, top purchases or top events/activities this year? hmm.. what do you think?


  1. love the first outfit and the walmart one and favorite skirt! :) do top 9 restaurants!!! do top purchases as well! :D

  2. I Love the circle scarf!

  3. aww it's been such a good year for you in outfits!! :D here's to another good year for the both of us!! woo!

  4. sweet girlie - happy new year - and love your blog ;-)) xx

  5. I love that outfit with the ref Cardigan and tartan skirt. It's really cute!

  6. I love all of these, but the hat with the jeans and green cardi is my fave! That is such a cute look!


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