Sunday, January 3

twenty seven

final post before i go to bed! aaccckk, it's 4:30am.. but then i don't really want to put this up til tomorrow since my family is going to have another get together somewhere.


today, the bf and i went out to celebrate another monthsary. since both of us were broke from the holiday extravaganza (e.g. shopping for others & for ourselves), we decided to keep it down with the expenses this time around.
broke & goofing around.. haha!

i wore something colorful against the white snow enveloping the city (and yes, it was cold out.. i know you're gonna ask. hahaha!). clearer and more pictures are up in chictopia.
outfit: hollister shirt, divi skirt, ardene tights, sirens boots

we started the day with some crepes at a newly opened place along osbourne village. the cafe/restaurant is called Kawaii Crepe and yes, they sold crepes. hahaha! I got a breakfast one with eggs, cheese and bacon; while he got a pseudo-lunch one with chicken, avocado and mayo. oh, there's his hot choco too!
after that, we went around and windowed shopped in the area. this was where american apparel and all other quaint boutiques are situated. normally, if you want to buy something unique, people would go in this side of the city.

before going back to his place, i encouraged the bf to rent 500 days of summer, as well as tekken 6 for his ps3. we watched the movie and i totally fell in love with it. im glad he liked it too! after the cheesiness, we went straight on to battling each other in tekken6. mwahahahaha! i totally love arcade fighting games like that. for some reason i get so addicted pushing all the buttons of the controller just to do and see the awesome moves of the characters. hahaha!
guilty pleasure while watching & playing

we spent hours playing and then finally called it a night!

today was awesome just like any other monthsary we had. it was good to spend time with him and to try something new! :D


  1. aww cuties!! the food looks super good!

    btw check out my blog tooo! =)

  2. You two are so cute:) It sounds like a wonderful day...and I'm so glad I've found your blog!

  3. Ohhh you went to Kawaii! We're planning to go on Monday!

    And yes, 500 Days of Summer is LOVE!

  4. Your blog it´s amazing!!I love the pattern and everything in it!
    Congrats for your monthsary!!see you had a great day!
    Thank you for your comment in my blog!xoxo

  5. Ahh!! SO cuute! :D i've never had a crepe bf and i must get one soon! i'm drooling over these pictures!!

    have fun at your family gathering dear<3

  6. what a lovely couple!!! Love the pink on you.

    Have a happy 2010 dear!!!!!!

  7. My first time visiting your blog!

    I didnt know you have one also, now I am a follower!

    You always look so HAPPY, I love it! I need more positive energy/vibe in my life like you! lol

    I was watching 500 day last night also till I fell asleep. I cannot wait to finish it!

    Have a great Sunday!

  8. Why are you so effing adorable? I JUST WANT TO PUT YOU ON MY SHELF SO I CAN STARE AT YOU ALL DAY.

    Gosh I love your outfits <3... I'm glad we can creep each other through our blogs now!!!

  9. super cute! i love your tights and zooey deschanel! crepes always remind me of harajuku. i gave you a blog award lovey :)

  10. You two look perfect & stylish together :) Mon Mode Blog

  11. Haha, you're so cute! The crepes look delicious too... mmm now I'm hungry...

    Nice blog :)



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