Monday, January 4

family sunday

today was a simple family sunday. a family friend invited us over to their place to have dinner with them. it was basically the last dinner before everyone goes back to work mode this week. of course, i really did nothing but eat and read some magazines so i'll just be sharing my outfit, the buffet table and my cute nephew. teehee!
outfit: AA scarf, joe fresh top, old navy shorts, garage leggings, sirens boots

glorious food!

done dessert. so full!

isn't he so cute?

i can't believe it. the holiday season is over. a new year has begun.
aaaahh!! time flies so fast. i need to get a job already!


  1. cute scarf!

  2. I love your outfit! and that food looks sooo good! god my mouth is watering haha!

    and thankyou for your great words!

  3. all that food is making me hungry, and i already had lunch! haha :)

  4. wahh your nephew is so cute! :D you have the best food pictures :( wahh!! love the outfit dear<3

  5. I"m so glad you started a blog! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. SO SO SO ADORABLE. You want to share some food avec moi? :) ... s'il vous plait?!


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