Sunday, January 3

Kawaii Crepe

today, i got my first meal of the day from kawaii crepe in osbourne village. just to make it simple and quick, it's basically a crepe cafe where you can choose from a variety of ingredients to be put in your crepe. i just really want to have a separate entry for this since i took a number of pictures 'showcasing' the food that my bf and i ate there. also, it's a rather new place cafe/lounge in the osbourne area with a new and fun concept (here in winnipeg).

201-99 osbourne st.

kawaii interiors and oh, did i mention free wifi!!

i've been trying to find a crepe place here since i know of a lot of stands and cafes back in my country where they sold both savory and sweet crepes. that's why i was really excited to try this new place out.
order your crepes by the counter and they make it fresh for you.

wait for them and they put it in cute crepe holders

morning sunshinge crepe: cheese, bacon & egg

uptown crepe: chicken, avocado & mayo

home made hot chocolate

i wasn't disappointed at all. it's pretty rare to find something this delicious and filling with the price the crepes had. the ambience was so warm and welcoming. i saw a lot of kids and families going there. the service was efficient and the staff was very friendly (especially when i asked them if i can take photos of them while doing our crepes.. hahaha!).

their prices range from $3 - $8. the savory crepes, being that they have the heavier meat ingredients are priced higher than the sweet crepes. they also offer both hot and cold beverages (fusion & bubble teas). get to know more about kawaii crepe (menu) in their website.

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