Friday, January 1

goals and resolutions..

well.. let's see.. i normally don't end up fulfilling my resolution list but who knows.. maybe actually listing it in a blog like this will help me make them work for this year.

so here's my list...
1. get a decent job related to my degree: i really want and hope to get a marketing job here in winnipeg. given that the job market becomes weak here, i would probably be willing to relocate somewhere else in canada, who knows!?

2. lose some weight: i normally end up maintaining my weight. i lose some pounds in the summer, gain them back in the winter. hopefully, this year i actually get to lower down my weight. im keeping tieka as my inspiration.

3. be able to visit the philippines: i need to save up and i really want to celebrate the holidays of 2010 back home. i miss family and friends there. since i graduate this february, a visit home would be the perfect grad gift for myself. :D

4. add quality clothes and shoes in my closet: i think it's about time i invest in pieces that will last me for a long time, especially since im entering the 'workforce' already. it's that another stage in my life. i've been so inspired by people in chictopia who are able to look so good in basic pieces. i'd want to achieve that this year.

5. get a driver's license: yeah, i know.. im in my twenties and i still don't know how to drive. poor me. well, i know how to maneuver a car, but to actually get the written and road test is another thing. i totally need to get my license so that i can go around more and not be restricted by public transportation or rely merely with someone who has a vehicle.

6. get my canadian citizenship and travel here in north america: i can't wait. we sent applications last june 2009 and hopefully, we can travel across the border by june 2010. i've been wanting to go to the states for the shopping, food, amusement parks and especially to visit friends who have migrated there.

7. be a religious blogger: last year, i started chictopia and became hooked. i want to be as hooked in this new blog as with my chictopia. i think it's a good place to write not only about fashion stuff, but things i generally enjoy in life. it's a good release and distraction to the busy year head. teehee!

well, that's about it. sorry for the lengthy and textual post, im thankful if you were able to read thru the whole thing.

how about you? what's in your new year's resolution list?


  1. aww these goals sound so wonderful!! when you get your citizenship come visit me!! :D!!!!!!

    happy new years dear<3 here's to another year of chic outfits and other things! (:

  2. Happy new years sweets! Hope 2010 is going to be the most amazing year for u,good luck with your resolutions!
    Thanks so much for all your support and your wonderful comments for my blog and chictopia, it really means so much to me! xx

  3. Awe, I love how colorful your blog is! And yes, we can totally be "religious bloggers" together this year!

  4. Great resolutions! I'm so glad I can be an inspiration too! I'm excited to continue reading in 2010! <3


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