Wednesday, January 13

the sunny day

so as i mentioned in my previous post, the weather was amazing today! let me give you the bad news first (since the rest of my entry will be good anyways). i totally forgot to take pictures outdoors with the glorious sun on my face! darn darn darn, i know! but i tried to still take a photo of my outfit regardless..
outfit: forever21 coat, juana dress, ardene tights, joe fresh flats

this is how small i am!
it's like im alice in wonderland and everything is much bigger than me!

today, the bf and i planned to give away resumes to establishments around the city that we were hoping to work for. nothing great really... more of, we just needed something to keep us afloat with things since both of us are fresh grads. the job postings here in the city haven't been supportive of our fields nor our current experiences and employment history so right now, what we're really opting for is just something to keep us from being idle.

we had lunch at the mall and also dropped by kawaii crepe to try their sweet crepes for dessert.
lasagna! yum!

crepes for dessert

fruitella: nutella & banana

apples gone wild: caramelized apples

i had to drop by american apparel to see what's new in the store and can i just say that i saw their nail lacquer in the flesh and fell totally in love. the bf wanted to get me 3 bottles since they had that 3 for $18 deal but i resisted the offer since i know that (1) we're both unemployed and i dont want him spending money for me on things like that and (2) the nail polish can wait. im not gonna die or anything if i dont get them right away. i will though at some other time. hahaha!
top to bottom: peacock, office, manila

after that, we went around the city while the sun was still out. we didn't really want to waste the day just by going straight home. i stayed a bit at their place watching tfc (the filipino channel) and the new season of american idol.

i went home with a new pair of trousers, harem ones to be exact. a friend of mine recently purchased them online from forever21 and they got the size mixed up so she just sent them over to me. she even attached a note saying that it would be her holiday gift for me. such a sweetheart! i don't know if she'll be reading this, but thank you, dear!!!!
so what do you think of harem pants?
are they in or out for you this coming spring?
should i just transform them into bubble shorts?


  1. gahh you're having such an amazing week! and i am so glad (: i do hope you two find jobs soon! i'm so scared to be a jobless grad too! eek! can't wait to see those harem pants on you!!

  2. mmmm crepessss!!!!they look so deadly delicious:) i understand about your struggle with finding a job after graduating. it was my fear too. its tougher now because of the recession, but chin up, sybil:) be strong and you'll find one, for sure! those harem pants look so cool, too bad i can never pull them off!:(

    btw, you're also a january baby? can you email me with your birth date and your address? i want to send you a birthday card :D hurry up, i dont want to miss your bday!!!

  3. You still look BEAUTIFUL regardless of the sun shining down on you my dear!

    I cannot wait to see you on those harem pants and such a lovely neutral color!!!!

  4. you look so lovely in those pictures and i can't wait to see how you wear those harem pants. and those shades of nail polish colors are gorgeous! :)

    oh, and i think i just cried a little bit looking at those DELICIOUS crepes (especially the nutella ones). woe is me, stupid wisdom teeth haha. speaking of which, thanks so much for the sweet comment! they don't ache too much with the pain meds but it usually takes a few days to a week for you to be able to eat normally. it depends on the person though, i got all four out at once so i'll stuck with mushy foods haha :)

  5. I do not like all harem pants, but these one are gorgeous

  6. cute jacket and i'm pumped to see you put together an outfit with the harem pants. love love love!

  7. I've never liked harem pants but thats just cause I can't really pull them off. But maybe give them a try and then alter them?

  8. Sybil! Awesome trench!!! Its so chic!!!

  9. I love those colours! Makes me think of spring.

  10. current status: hungry!!!

    and i want new nail polish!

  11. Good luck with the job hunts :)!! I'm employed, but I'm still underneath my parent's wings and I'm a senior in HS. No fear of unemployment yet?! I'm actually starving after seeing the closeups of food... omnomnom. I think I'm going to get some bottles of AA nail polish this weekend. My poor bank account... :'( I'll let you know if it's worth your $$$$$$$$$$$$ <3 xoxo

  12. i say the harems are in! well, this is coming from a harem obsessed person. i think it will stay... you still see it on the runways. haha. i dont really follow trends but i'll be wearing mine all year long. ^^

  13. mmmm banana and nutella crepes! cannot go wrong with that!!!! you have the sweetest bf!!!!! i wish mine would insist on buying me those kinds of things!! how did you ever resist the temptation? hehe! i'm interested on how you will style the harem pants!


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