Wednesday, January 13

opening soon!

I just heard that Bath and Body Works is finally coming to Winnipeg!!!!

I'm so happy!! Now I don't have to tell my boyfriend to snag me bottles of my fave scent every time he drives to the states! hahahaha!!


Aside from the fact that H&M and Forever21 is expected to open this year, this is another great news for this very small city of Winnipeg! hurray!


  1. yay, thats such exciting news!i cant believe Winnipeg is THAT small!no H&M? thats shocking... well, its' great that those stores are coming in to Winnipeg this year. Be good, sybil. dont shop too much :p

  2. I wore that scent in college, so smelling it on someone else takes me back to that very specific time and place. It's a very strong association, for sure. I'm glad you're getting some fun stores in Winnipeg!

  3. AHHHH H&M AND FOREVER 21 AND BATH & BODY WORKS. ALL WITHIN A YEAR?! You are SO LUCKY. But yes, who am I to envy? Vancouver has all of the above! REMEMBER: KEEP CONTROL. :P! <3


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