Wednesday, January 13

on current events..

im not good with commenting and talking about real life happenings but i just figured that since i don't have any outfit posts today, i might as well write something that i've seen on the news or online today.. :)

1. lady gaga & polaroid

hmmm.. so what do you think of (a) this whole ordeal and (b) her massive hair that reminds me so much of the planet saturn! hahahaha!

2. conan o brien leaving the tonight show

read article here if you don't know what's happening. but if you dont want to read it, basically he just quitted the show since jay leno is taking over his time slot and the tonight show is going to be moved to the 12:05am slot.

i feel for him (conan). i have all respects for jay leno but im kind of sick of him. hahaha! no offense, but i think late night needs to have a fresher host. at first, when jimmy fallon started, his monologues were not working for me, but i think he's charming with his guests and slowly, he's really growing on me. hahaha! i love conan too.. he has that awkwardness in him that is really entertaining.. :) oh fyi, he's a harvard graduate and that's pretty neat!

3. haiti earthquake (warning: some images can be very graphic...)

this is just so painful to hear and watch. i know the news is everywhere. i don't know much about what happened but this is just tragic to see.. :( i know the local community here is trying to set up a fund raising thing that they can send over to the country.

4. american idol season 9

this was such a fun audition! i love it! no drama, no crying.. all about fun and good music! i'm watching the rest of the auditions tonight! :)


  1. Lady Gaga is an inspiration to all. Her confidence and everything... wow! I'm feeling a bit guilty for Conan :( Haiti earthquake... my heart bleeds, actually :( :( :(

  2. i am so in love with this collaboration between polaroid and lady gaga! i can't wait.

    oh! and i think the shipping rates to canada for hautelook are around 10.95 if i remember correctly. :)

  3. I agree!!! I love polaroids! Way to go Lady Gaga!

  4. Haha omg she looks amazing ! Isn't she the best !

  5. omg!!!! i love love love lady gaga you guys!!!! :D

  6. Better than me still! You still post :) It's one of my resolutions to post more!

    And I adore your layout!


  7. So sad about Conan. That's BS of NBC. I'd walk if I was Conan too. He's so much more animated and realer than Jay!

  8. I love Lady G and want to be her. Meanwhile, the Haitian earthquake makes me cry. I don't even want to think about it, but it's hard not to.

  9. I'm so heartbroken over Haiti ahh. Excited to see what Gaga comes up with.




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