Sunday, January 17

a better day

first off, let me tell you that my outfit yesterday didn't go to waste. i actually ended up going to a friend's party last night and i was able to wear the whole ensemble! since i don't need to repost those pictures again, let me just share what make-up i had on (since im trying to learn how to do my face thru youtube tutorials and magazine articles, hahaha!)
what do you think?

so, as i mentioned, i went to a party and well, to refrain from boring you guys i thought of another way of presenting what happened that night.

Filipino Parties 101
these are the things that are not absent in any party I go to here with my filipino friends! hahaha!

1. Karaoke

2. Booze - Beer and Tequilla!!!

3. Cards

4. Food (thank you for the photo)

5. Major Camwhorage

6. Friends. Fun. Love!

How about you? What do you have in your parties!?


  1. Aww you look like you had SO MUCH FUN. <33 Wellllll at my parties it's pretty much the same as yours EXCEPT I TAKE 5019519305 photos of food since it's my one true love, minus the booze (but since it's grad year, minus the booze would pretty much be impossible), and HIDE AND SEEK. Yes, we still play hide and seek. I'm so glad that you were still able to go out!!! :') <- tears of joy! The makeup is looking pretty good my dear <3 YAY FOR YOUTUBE!

  2. karaoke and booze are always present in pinoy parties. ^^

  3. This looks like fun:) We always have lots of good food, wonderful friends and friends of friends, music and Rockband, yes it does tend to bring people together.

  4. there's nothing better than food, friends, and camwhoring! oh, and booze! :D glad your outfit didn't go to waste and that you had fun. i never seem to enjoy karaoke since i can't sing for my life. i only enjoy it when i'm with really close friends since i know they'll still stick by me after hearing my horrible singing :P

    your make-up looks lovely btw! i secretly watch those youtube tutorials all the time too haha

  5. ahh! i'm so glad this outfit didn't go to waste because you were looking so fab! :D it looks like you're having such a great time! karaoking is such a stress reliever--singing as loud as you can!

    i watch those make-up tutorials too, even though i don't wear any make up! it's just fun to watch because it's like art sometimes (:

  6. pretty makeup!!
    haha im filipina too and so it's pratically obvious what i have in the parties where i attend! i looove tequilaaa!!

  7. Hey, i love your make up! ehhehe... and you seem to have lots of fun in the party. =D

  8. Luv ur pics and im glad u like ur award! Have a stunning day xx


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