Monday, January 11

best week ever

for reasons more than one, i think that this week is just amazing!! i was looking at and saw the 5-day forecast.
goodness!!! we don't get positive temperatures during winter and certainly we don't get anything above -10 during january. aaaahh!!! 5 degrees? sunny? tomorrow? beach, perhaps? hahahaha! i kid, i kid. :P

aside from that, i received my new shoes in the mail. they're from it took them about 2 weeks to get here, which is a bit long but im quite surprised with the item i got. they're much more than i expected since i've heard bad quality rants about their shoes. but, upon seeing mine, i was quite pleased. they're exactly what i was looking for plus a bit more.
i love that it had a rich dark brown color and 0.5 inch heels
(i thought they were going to be super flat).

i just need to test them out to see their comfort level.

oh oh.. i stumbled upon this new version of the karate kid. it stars jaden smith and jackie chan. probably not gonna be as epic as the original version, but just as entertaining (based on the trailer).

hope you will have a good week ahead. now off i go to more job hunting...


  1. shoes. :D
    and so happy to know that u guys are having positive weather..our clients are canadians so i can feel their despair when it comes to winter..hehe.

    thanks for dropping by my blog..and leaving that sweet comment! hope to see u there more often!

  2. I'm sorry, WHAT NEW SHOES? I think I may just have to strangle you, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BAN. Its okay I'm kidding ;) I know that you ordered this prior to... so you're forgiven.

    I love love love those shoes though, they look super duper cute! Let me know how comfortable they are, perhaps I can convince my parents to get me a pair, or two.... or three! Though that will be a fail.

    I'm so jealous of the weather you're having over there in 'peg. It's just pouring rain out here in Vancity! POO. Oh, and Avatar is totally sold out, seeing it in 3D twice made my day, now lets make it thrice shall we? <3

  3. oh my god, i want a pair of shoes just like those!! i'm so jealous and i'm glad they turned out perfect! i'm always scared to order shoes online.
    can't wait to see how you wear them with an outfit! yay :)

  4. Awesome shoes hun, looking forward to seeing what u wear them with!!! Hope u had a fantastic wknd! xxx

  5. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog! Love your shoes x Sushi

  6. holy smokes, positive temperatures? what the?!@?>#$$>!?$>#<%#<!? you guys arent supposed to have (+) temperatures!! ahahaha :D glad to hear about that, though. now you can rock those new shoes without having to worry about frozen toes! so, what do you think about gojane shoes?do share :) (the packaging looks pweeetty!)

  7. oh i LOVE oxfords :D and omg today was like 3 degrees and i actually felt hot inside my parka :P

  8. 1. Wow, that weather forecast makes me extremely jealous! NY has been FREEZING.
    2. Those shoes are so totally cute!

    3. Whatttt1!?? A new karate kid movie? blasphemy! they can't do that!?

  9. awww yay for sunshine! :D your oxfords are cuter than mine! and i'm 100% sure you're going to pull them off way better than i do! eek! i'm so excited :D

    good luck job hunting dear<3

  10. i am totally jealous :-))) love love the shoes!!!

    btw: i loved the way you wrote on the latest post - i totally got what you were saying!

    love, xx

  11. hey honey!
    man I totally know what you mean about the weather. One of my most frequented websites is the weather network. Glad to see that the peg is getting some sun! it's characteristically rainy here :( Let's hope it doesn't continue through to the start of the olympics!
    Hope you're doing well!

  12. hmmm... i dunno what to say about karate kid... i liked the original. haha. ^^


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