Thursday, January 14


today was such a wonderful day. i decided that my bf and i should go skating at the forks. it was gorgeous outside and we didn't want the day to be put to waste of course...
-4 degrees = perfect skating weather!

it's been awhile since i used these

i was trying to figure out what to wear for a skating day. i really wanted to wear a skirt, but i didn't know if i'll last the whole afternoon if i did that. i ended up wearing jeans and my new oxford shoes! :D
outfit: joe fresh top, AE jeans, gojane oxfords, jacob belt

when we got there, we first looked around the place and saw this ice castle! timer shots for the both of us! :D
yes, i'm that small! haha!

it was good that there weren't so many people at the forks so i had more space to practice my non-existent skating skills. haha! my bf was having a grand time since he loved this activity. as for me, i have this love-hate thing going on with it. i know how to balance myself, but when i get the flow and start to accelerate, i just end up in the ditch or something since i don't know how to stop! hahahaha!
baby steps

yes, i was panicking at this moment!!!

failed attempt to take timer shots of us (in skates)


jump & kick!

end of skating trail

by 4pm, we decided to end our skating escapade and headed to a nearby italian & greek restaurant called Sta. Lucia. its funny because the last time we were in this place was the exact same date last year. anyway, food was so delicious as always. i was just watching iron chef last night with cheese as their main ingredient and getting the lasagna for dinner awhile ago was just satisfaction!!!!
lasagna with cheesy goodness!!!!

chicken strips w/ honey garlic

best garlic toast ever!

oh btw, if you have been reading my chictopia posts before, you know that i used to work in campus as a grader/marker for accounting. guess what? they totally hired me again for this semester! finally, at least i have something to be busy about for the next 3 months or so. yay for that!

oh... i'll probably be doing another haul post next week since i got some new things here and there. oh the simple joys of freebies. *wink wink*


  1. congrats on your job! the lasagna is making me soooo hungry. haha looks like you had a ton of fun skating :) at least that's oene way to make the most out of winter!

  2. the snow is beautiful where u r! and mm i love garlic bread soo much! that looks soo yummy :)

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! YOU HAVE A JOB. Now, I give you permission to go wild ;) ;) ;). WINNIPEG HAS SO MUCH SNOW, I'm totally jellin' over here in Vancity. It's just pouring rain like no tomorrow. I haven't gone skating outside ONCE IN MY LIFE. Clearly, I need to drop by 'Peg and go outdoor skating with you. I'm loving the GIF's and the FOOOOOD AHHHH. ALL YOU BLOGGERS KEEP ON POSTING FOOD AND EVERYTIME I SEE PICTURES I GO AND EAT. <3

  4. you two are so cute!! i actually like ice skating, even though im no good at it, but my bf cant skate at all lol.

    anyway great outfit for skating & yummy looking food!!

  5. Supercute! Love the pics!
    yummie food too.
    X, fashionnerdic.

  6. That ice castle belongs in a fairy pretty!

    One Love,

  7. omg! that castle is soooo awesome!!!! wow! :) congrats on getting hired again! :D

  8. this is like the best post ever. i love the moving pics, how did you do them?and food porn!mmm...i love food shots!the lasagna looks sinfully delicious. also, congrats on getting hired:)

    btw, hpybrthdy!
    i'm sending out the package today.
    hopefully you'll get it sometime next week. let me know once you get it,k?:)

  9. i went skating not too long ago as well. you look like you had so much fun and those moving pictures are adorable. you and your boy make quite the cute couple ;)
    and ahh the ice castle, it's gorgeous! :) can't wait to see your haul post.
    p.s. ah, i'm drooling at the garlic toast.

  10. Hi girl! You guys look super cute!!!
    I cannot skate... :( I wish I could because I love the ice skating outfits :p haha xxx

  11. Ahhh yes, I make garlic toast all the time.. soo food ;) and your moving photos = so cute!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. :)


  12. I jus saw your pic in Chictopia and just couldn't wait to see you and your bf skating I knew it was going to be an animated chronicle and for sure it is. Love the pics you look like moving they are so funny, and the trousers was just a good option rather than the skirt becaus you don't look as u practice a lot this sport ; ) Anyway just lovely!!!!!

  13. Aw, I miss skating so much! I need to go to Bryant Park pond or some other overpriced skating rink in ny and at least get one round done! You guys are too cute with your self timer shots!
    Oh and I've answered some of your questions but feel free to email me if you need more info. There's just so much i'm willing to post about my job sicne ALOT of my coworkers (boss) read my blog!

  14. AHHH THIS IS SUCH A CUTE POST<3 i love all the photos! i suck at ice skating hahaha. the first time i went i spent the WHOLE hour against the wall. the second time i was a bit better but it's so hard :( but yeah i've always wanted to wear a cute little skirt and just glide around gracefully teehee (:

    i LOVE your oxfords :D congrats on the job!!

  15. I'm sure you've covered this already, but could you please tell me how you animated your post? Thanks!


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