Friday, January 1

New Year's Eve

as much as i would want to give you a year-end post, i don't think this blog has been active enough to be bombarded with tons of pictures and memories all at once. hahaha! so bare with me and let me just tell you of what happened in my new year's eve.

before the festivities, here's my outfit for the night. i went with one of the dresses i got this christmas. since everyone's doing the shiny glitter inspired outfits, i went for a shimmery silver tunic paired with purple tights just to refrain from the expected black ones. im no make up expert but i tried to incorporate the colors of my outfit with my eye make up too! :D
outfit: h&m tunic, ardene tights, sirens boots, suzy shier belt

more pictures here

oh, let me just specifically tell you about my nephew here. i was trying to take pictures for my chictopia and just when the timer was about to go off, he went infront of the camera and blocked my shot!!! such a naughty kid, but oh-so-cute nevertheless! :D
oopps.. there he is covering me!

anyway, so my family went to my aunt's place again and together with some family friends had a hearty dinner there. yeah, i know.. all we do is eat and drink during times like this. (which reminds me that we're going to attend another get together this sunday! aaacckk, the eating never stops!)
i can totally eat chestnuts forever!

my aunt decorated the buffet area with the christmas cards she got this year. that's pretty neat!

before the clock hit 12mn, we drove back to our house to welcome 2010 there! i jumped as soon as it was 12mn in hopes of becoming taller this year! that's filipino superstition for you, my dear readers. hahahaha! all in all, the celebration went well. here's to another year ahead!

may all of you and your families have a prosperous new year!!!!


  1. ahh all that food looks so good :D love your outfit too dear--so perfect for the holidays! and your nephew is adorable!

  2. oh my lord, thats a lot of food!!!!! yuuummm :D and i super super super love this outfit! its very flattering on you and very festive to welcome the new year! i hope you had fun that night. happy new year :D


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