Wednesday, December 30

going away breakfast

the title's kinda confusing, eh?

well.. basically after 3 hours of sleep, i woke up to get ready for breakfast with a bunch of my friends. one of them is going out of the province to get her 8-month co-op / o.j.t. program thing. she's leaving this january 2 and she wanted to get together before that date. we went to the forks at salisbury house.
outfit: divi top & skirt, aldo wedges, suzy shier belt, dynamite gloves

more photos in chictopia

here are pictures of our get together...
i didn't want to have photos taken at first since the walk to the restaurant made my face super frozen! hahaha!
just zoom in to see my yellow nails!

all done & off to pay bills

group picture c/o Arianne Solis

restaurant shot w/ me & the bf (on the lower left). thanks Arianne!

i only had 3 buttermilk pancakes and i didn't even get to finish them. i chugged them down with raspberry tea! :D

oh, one of my friends gave me a lip gloss from elf! yay! talk about stocking up on the balms! one of these days, i'll try to make a review of my lippies :D

it wasn't that bad outside today, to be honest. but i made the biggest mistake of wearing my new oxford wedges out. it was too late when i realized that the parking to that restaurant was far off and we had to walk thru slippery pavements and sidewalks. oh, what can you do? i did the penguin walk: one small step at a time. hahaha!
all steady and bundled up

the bf gladly helped and guided me. aaww.. :)

winnipeg's starting to get a lil bit normal with the winter environment. the river is starting to freeze. everything is covered with snow and the trees are just frosting away..


  1. ahw this looks so fun !! Like your blouse

  2. Wow, what a fun post! I like how you belted that blouse. You look gorgeous girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. That was so sweet. xoxo

  3. OHHH you seriously took a photo of yourself WITHOUT a coat outside in minus whatever temperature! I salute you!

  4. those outfits look comfy. :)
    and those pancakes look super yummy. :)

  5. omg i love your outfit today! it's so sophisticated and chic!! love that coat AND your shoes<3 i got myself a pair of oxfords today! yay! and i love the picture with your bf (: so adorable!!!

  6. Your outfit is so classy and simple! I could use a page from your book.

  7. i cant believe you took photos outside without your jkt - committment girl!!!

    and awww salisbury house on the forks - i lOVE that place - mainly for the atmosphere

    have an awesome new year's!

  8. lovely post + outfit :)
    have a great new years! xox

  9. You look awesome!!! And I often do the penguin walk too... lol


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