Thursday, January 7

dear winter, please end now.

so here i am browsing in the net and stumbled upon forever21's site. isn't this the most adorable shot ever!?! and can i just say that im so glad that they're turning into the spring outfits already!! i can't wait for winter to end. :D

yes.. off i go to more window shopping. hahaha!

how about you? where do you go window shopping online?


  1. i spend hours on urban outfitter's website--pining for their overpriced but gorgeous things!! i can't wait for spring either!!! (:

  2. I second Jasmine, UO website (especially the sale section!!) is as addictive as Forever 21 :) I also do window shopping at ASOS clearance section (feast for the eyes! hahaha..) I wish they have H&M online store here in North America like they do in Europe. Sigh..

    On the contrary, I like the cold weather and I CAN wait for spring :p

  3. Ha, ha! I have the same wish:) Hmmmm...window shopping? Anthropologie, Toast, vintage etsy and ebay stores.

  4. Oh my god. HAVE YOU SEEN THE UO WEBSITE? HOLY COW. That's what I call spring. Clearly winter needs to end ASAP. I can't deal with the cold wind and RAIN (why not snow?) Clearly Vancouver needs to up its game. <3

  5. ughh, I'm loving spring items and collections right now. Winter definitely needs to end!

  6. I kinda like the cold weather too I love layering its always so hard for me to make the transition I always feel like im going to be cold. Kelley Ann what are some good Ebay stores? I wish HM has an online store too Ive seen a lot of request so hopefully they would make it happen sooon.


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