Friday, January 22

happy 101 award

today was fine. i woke up late and i thought i wasn't going to make it for the commerce job fair, but with much encouragement from my bf, i did go and meet up with some companies. most of the companies that attracted me were those offering managerial training sessions or new grad programs. they come in say 1 year contract of working for their company and after it, you get to choose what field (marketing, in my case) would you want to focus on. the unfortunately thing about that is they hire during the fall so for me that would mean that i will need to get a part time job until then. hohum..
outfit: suzy shier blazer, divi skirt & turtleneck top, sirens boots, aldo bag
sirens coat
nothing exciting happened today but when i checked this blog, i realized that i was tagged by Ally of fancykazoo the happy 101 award. so here are 10 things that make me happy.

one. canadian superstore.
there's something with huge grocery stores.. the fact that everything is there and i can kill time just browsing thru the whole place..

two. sephora.
im starting to discover the beauty of make-up just now. :)

three. food network channel.
i mean, who doesn't love that network!? i can watch it all day. unwrapped marathons!!!

four. wedding videos. i always make it a point to watch a SDE (same day edit) video by jason magbanua everyday. i want him to be my wedding videographer, hahaha! this is one of my faves.

Cheska and Doug SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

five. receiving mail/packages. this reminds me of what i recently got from kristy and chictopia. i will make a separate post for it!

six. summer.
beach, camping, sun, heat. i am made for tropical weather!

seven. quirky tunes, acoustic indie music, awesome cover songs.

eight. philippines. the thought of going home always puts a smile on my face. my best memories and experiences are all from there.

nine. boyfriend. pretty self-explanatory.. teehee!

ten. family & friends.
nothing beats that! :D



  1. i love the wedding video of cheska and dough. omg, i love her wedding gown! wow more interesting facts about you. the most interesting one is the mail from chictopia, that would be awesome if i received a mail from them

    sassy rica ^_^

  2. Wow, I luved ur post soo much!! Dying to see what you got from Kristy and Chictopia! Have a lovely wknd xx

  3. i enjoyed this n awww teh pic with ure Bf is super cutesy

  4. puey quinones sure did a great job with cheska's dress. LOVE. but what boggles me is the non inclusion of clothes on your list. WHY??? haha. ^^

  5. Ahh... I think I can relate to all of your 10 points in your happy award! (except for me it would be going to visit home in Montreal!)

    Im so addicted to the food network! Love Ace of Cake!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  6. aww..this is such a heart-warming post. i love all your 10 things (especially the one where you mentioned my package, hahahaha...just kidding!) I'm glad it arrived safely, I was afraid it would get lost in the mail :( I hope you like the goodies!

    I totally understand about your frustration with job fair. I went during my last year and I found NOTHING. I don't really like the mgmt training program because they don't really put you to work until at least a year. I finally resorted to my career centre job listing website which is where I got my current job :)

    On a lighter note, you look fabulous!!:) I remember I only wore old dress pants and dress shirt :(

  7. you look so professional and chic at the same time (and dark red is such a good color on you)! hopefully you'll find one of those job opportunities useful :)

    i love all of your 10 things that make you happy, especially the wedding video! i just watched the one you posted and i'm in love with it (i want to get married...asap). it's filmed beautifully and like a movie :) ah, one day...haha

  8. I'm really sorry about the job fair stuff, the market is so terrible right now.

    but you look super cute! and I enjoyed your ten things ;]

  9. It's so cool to learn something new about you!!You and your boyfriend are so cute!! xoxoxo

  10. amazing ten things - i LIVE for the food network haha you look so adorable with your bf and thats a great conservative outfit for a job fair :)

  11. I love Food Network, too! Ina is my fav :-) I also love that beautiful red sweater you're wearing under your coat - it's so rich!

  12. another sharp outfit! :) i hope you find another part time job soon or even better a full time job without having to go thru the job fair! :D loved your 10 happy things too!

  13. I love that last photo! So cute! And you look great! Hopefully you can find a full time job first before having to work part-time and going through the waiting game!


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