Saturday, January 23

full of gratitude..

so i wanted to take this post as an opportunity to express my gratitude towards chictopia and kristy of monochromachic for sending me wonderful things this month. i don't have any outfit photos for you today since i didn't really go out. hahaha! for some reason, i have been stuck in the house for the past few fridays.

anyway, the first thing that i got was this package from chictopia rewards. i claimed it about 3 weeks ago. for those of you who are part of chictopia, do know that every month they have this rewards system where you can redeem items for your chic points. i've been very lucky to get a couple of things from american apparel thru that.
i can't wait till the snow melts and i get to wear them! (they're too white & clean to be used outside)

the second thing that i received in the mail is from kristy of monochromachic. upon knowing that we were both capricorns, she didn't hesitate to send me something (lucky for us, we're both from canada! teehee!). that's just such a sweet gesture and i feel so touch by what she did. she's one of those people in chictopia that i really adore not just with her style, but also her personality and attitude! she seems so nice and friendly. we should totally meet up one day. i swear im gonna visit you in toronto! :D
adorable charm necklace & elf lip balm!
hurray! these are awesome additions to my collections!! :D

aside from that, i want to take this chance to say thank you to all those who have supported me in this blog. i started about a month ago and it's been really wonderful to receive positive comments from everyone. you don't know how much im addicted to this thing. i try my best to post something each day amidst the fact that i don't really live such an interesting life. hahaha! i hope though that you do not get bored with what you are seeing and reading.

do give me ideas or suggestions of what i can post in the future. i've been thinking about possible things that i can do for this blog and as soon as i get to understand the whole shipping thing, i would love love love to have a giveaway or contest. but that's another whole story altogether. if you are a new visitor, leave your blog address so i can visit it (i love going thru different blogs -- not constricted to fashion & beauty ones).


  1. Hi love,
    Sorry haven't been around lately; I've been hella busy with my blog!!! hope you're doing well. Looks like you are with all your new goodie!!
    Have a great weekend hun

  2. awwww that's so sweet of her to send you a package full of amazing goodies (that necklace is just gorgeous!) :)

    and yay for your new keds from chictopia! i can never figure out how to claim rewards. they're always taken by the time i check them! teach me your ways!!!! haha :P

  3. I didn't realize that we could trade chic points...I need to pay more attention:) Your blog is lovely and not boring at all. I love visiting.

  4. i wish chictopia would give me stuff. haha. ^^

  5. lovin' the stuff you got..Cute card and lovely jewelry. :D

    welcome to the blog world my dear. :D Yes it is fun and you meet the most amazing people! :) Can't wait to read more of your blog the next time. :D

  6. I love blog love! Those Keds are too cute, Keds are probably my favorite brand of sneaker.

  7. ooh lucky gir!! love the shoes!! and such a cute necklace!! sweet sweet people!! love it!!

  8. Lovely!

    check out my blog!

  9. aww cute, too bad I'm off chictopia :P haha.

    I'm doing a little giveaway, would love for you to come check it out!



  10. gahhhhh! those keds are going to be SO cute on you <3! ever since you claimed that award, i've been WANTING KEDS since i don't have a nice pair of canvas/sneaker shoes! hehe :) yay for new things :D


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