Sunday, January 24


today, i went out with my bf's family to celebrate his sister's 16th bday. we just had dinner at boston's pizza and then we went home to watch the movie, shutter. my battery ran out so i had few pictures and blurry ones at that.

outfit: joe fresh jacket, old navy shorts, payless tights, sirens boots, celine bag

with the bday celebrant!

aside from that, my saturday was so uneventful. aaahhh!!!

anyway, just to keep this post a bit interesting, let me share this tutorial by michellephan. you, guys should check her out. she has good tutorials, she's very artistic, plus she has such a dreamy voice! hahaha! this is her recent video and you'll be amazed at how she recreated lady gaga's look in bad romance!


  1. You're so funny, I love that last pic. In answer to your question on Chictopia, I thought Sherlock Holmes was really good. I mean, you have to go into it expecting an action movie and in parts it is a bit violent, but the music was interesting, it was visually stunning, the characters were funny and both we and our friends enjoyed it.

    After the movie the five of us sat around talking about how something like that is actually better to see on the big screen. I know some people haven't cared for it, but I was a fan of the stories and the BBC versions of them, and I liked it.

  2. That video is amazing. Cute blog!

  3. the contacts she is wearing are insane. totally doll like!

  4. I LOVE YOUR COAT, the buttons are way too adorable. sounds like you had fun (and yummy pizza). now i'm craving some pizza as well, haven't had any in weeks!
    and i love michelle phan! i remember when i started reading her site 3-4 years ago before she was all huge and on youtube. love the bad romance tutorial although i don't think i'd ever try that look :P she's so gorgeous.

  5. love your coat!! mmm pizza!! love food photos!!

  6. aww i love your gif-pics! love that jacket so much :D

    ahhh michelle phan is amazing! that tutorial just blows me away!!

  7. Cutie in your coat!!!! and mmmmm that pizza looks, OMG I'm going to have dinner right now ; )

  8. I LOVE MICHELLE PHAN AS WELL :) That pizza looks delicious and you look too adorable for words <3 Revlon lipsticks are pretty good, they don't really "dry out" on my lips and leave that heavy feeling some other brands do <3 xo

  9. i follow michellephan channel on youtube! she's very creative and not boring like other makeup 'gurus'. anyway, boston pizza is a great place to have a celebration. i love their lasagna with a side of cheesy toasty garlic bread hmmmm.... and loving the shiny buttons on your coat :D

  10. thanks for the comment dear, i love the jacket!


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