Monday, January 11

debut and a li'l bit nostalgia

so i went out on a sunday night -- probably one of the better perks of being a fresh grad and having no job (as of yet!).
my boyfriend's cousin celebrated her debut in a local lounge/bar. the night was filled with good desserts, endless karaoke-ing, unlimited billiard games and one tequila shot (and yes, only one! hahaha!).
happy birthday to you!!!

unlimited billiards!

jose cuervo love :)

the debutante wanted us to wear something black and white so it was the perfect occasion for me to wear my new tunic/dress from forever21. it's from their twist collection and i ordered it last christmas when it was on sale for only $9.35 (that's with tax & free shipping).
outfit: forever21 dress, ardene tights, celine shoes

no other bright lighting than the washroom!

can i just say..
it's weird to be attending these debuts. it just reminds me of how old i am. i had mine a number of years back in the philippines. oh let me show you some nostalgic 'embarass myself' pictures!!!
my mom & i prepping for the event

this is my shrine! hahaha!
that cake was like a wedding cake!

it's quite evident what my color theme was, yes?

where do i even begin with this photo?
the pinkness, the shiny gown, the wedding-esque cake, my awkward body posture, the ancient digicam used.
hahahaha.. too nostalgic!
let's have a good laugh at this, shall we?

i used to remember that period when my friends were having their debuts one after another. every week there was a party to attend to. it was the perfect excuse to buy new clothes. it even got to a point that i had to attend 3 debuts in one night and in 3 locations that were so far apart. aaahhh!! the simple stressors of teenage years. i miss those days..

i was just telling my bf awhile ago about how his cousin's friends were like the 'new generation'. after a few karaoke songs and billiard games, i was done for the night. but the teens were pumped up the whole time! hahaha! i feel so old...


  1. looks like you had an amazing time!

  2. wow you look so pretty!!!!! i love the white tunic! just out of my ignorance, what is a debut?! is it like a coming of age party thing?

  3. oh my, thats such a great buy from F21! i totally love the frills at the bottom. Great look, sybil:) Hope you had fun at the party!


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  6. ahh!! you look SO cute with that forever 21 tunic! it suits you perfectly! and you look SO good--you've lost some weight no??!! wahh help me!!!!!!!!! and your hair looks so straight and long!!! :D

    ahaha, we all have those nostalgia days when we look back and are like "aww look how great that day was...but what the heck was i wearing...?!?!" hehe (:

  7. Awwww yoou look so CUTE tho'!
    I miss miss those days also!!! I just cannot believe how time passed, its been *toot* *toot* years since I celebrated mine but no fancy big celebrations tho' since I opted for a small gathering cause at the time I just moved here in US.

    Great memories tho huh?
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  8. yay for getting to wear your new black and white dress. and omg, your debut looks amazing! and so pink! :P i especially love that shrine for your cake haha.

  9. ancient digicam? i had film camera when i turned 18! holy crap...i'm old. (ate karen)

  10. @ hellokittiekat: it's like sweet sixteen but celebrated when you're 18. hahaha! does that even make sense? but yeah, it's a coming of age kind of party.. :)

    @ jasmine: oh dear.. it's probably just the straight hair, but i dont feel like i lost weight. thanks for saying it though.. :) im still working on that goal! teehee!

    @ ate karen: aaahh!!! you're here! yay!

  11. HELLO THERE ADORABLE. Although pink isn't my favourite you look too adorable for words dear <3 I looooove that skirt though, share? ;)

  12. hahaha. i know what you mean! i have a lot of young friends and they all seem to be so energetic. i can't keep up! haha.

  13. awwww you look so cute and congrats to your bf's cousin!


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