Monday, January 11


dear readers,

ok. so i have a really lame question for you..
if you do comment in my blog posts, is it possible for me to reply specifically to your comment or do i have no choice but to actually do a separate comment to answer to whatever you had to say? (did you get my point or sense to that?).

i don't wanna feel like im snobbing those who comment and suggest things here so what i end up doing is replying by commenting on their blogs or chictopia. i know.. sometimes, it's even totally out of topic from the entries themselves, but you get my point?

amateur blogger


  1. uhh that was a confusing you mean like is there a way to reply on your blog (like in chictopia, you can just click reply and your response is on the same page, directly underneath the comment) or do you have to go out of your way and go to a separate page to reply back? unfortunately i think it's the latter here, but then again you're not all that obligated to reply to every comment. we don't write comments to get commented back (at least i don't hope so...)! but since i don't get too many comments it's nice to comment back when i have the time, but when i don't have the time i don't do it :/ unless they ask a question or something...then i do have to go to their page and write an answer :] i think my comment was confusing too -___-

  2. hahaha!!!! i totally got what you meant here! and basically, we're doing the same thing. when they do have a question, i try to reply back by going to their page. so i guess, that is normal in the 'blogosphere'. thanks jasmine!

  3. is that the rule? i have been replying to my comments on my comment page for blogs...i figure, if i ask a blogger a question on that entry, i will go back after a couple days and see if she replied on that page...whoops!

  4. Yeah I understood your question.
    What I normally do here in blogspot is reply on the comment by i.e

    @Jasmine-blah, blah, blah....

    Hope that helps.

  5. I know, that annoys me too. I'm an old school Livejournal girl, and you could always click "reply" to reply to the comment. I always try to respond back to my readers by clicking on their blog.. but sometimes if they have a direct question, it'd be nice to reply to it! Grr.

  6. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A DIRECT REPLY. It's unfortunate though, I tend to have to go back to the person's blog and reply. Although it's common like Mrs. Zeus mentioned to go @.... etc.etc.

  7. I usually just reply back to their blog/chictopia/whatever because i think that's what i'd prefer as a reader. i rarely go back to a comment i made to check whether of not i got a response.
    nice layout btw :D


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