Friday, January 8

TGIF: window shopping time!

just outfit photos today, but totally lots of stories to share! let's do it in a time-line format for fun!

9am: woke up and went online to check my email, look into my final pay (online bank) for my grader job and browsed thru my blog & chictopia

10am: ate breakfast, got dressed and ready to take the bus to university.
outfit: sirens top, garage leggings, le chateau boots, dynamite gloves

off to university.

12nn: arrived in the university. they changed the bus stops on campus so i had to walk a bit to reach my building. look here, they're doing a new building beside the business centre and they totally got rid of the trees.. so sad.. :(
12:10 - 1pm: got my pay stub, submitted some research assistant papers, printed off copies of my resume (i still have print credits in our computer lab eventhough im not studying there anymore. awesome!)

1pm(ish): met up with the bf and had some lunch. also met up with my friends and talked endlessly about shopping! hahaha! how highschool do we sound?! (the boys were talking about their gadgets and electronics btw...)

2 - 2:30pm: went to the starbucks in our library since i was suppose to meet monica although we didn't get to. sad. but we'll meet again some other time, dear!

3pm: the bf and i decided to go to the outlet stores! aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! there were too many inventory sales!!!! and it's so tempting to buy lots of things since i just got my paycheck. and the items were marked down!! but then i restrained myself form doing so because that was gonna be my last pay until i get a new job. plus, i have upcoming expenses for the next couple of months.

anyway, we stayed there for hours and hours just looking around. i was trying to find photos of the stuff i really wanted but it's so hard since these were outlet stores and some things aren't available online already. so yeah, i saw these riding boots from le chateau for only $50 and the last pair was in my size. aaahh!!! and then, i also saw these knit jeans from garage for only $15. you might be thinking, what are knit jeans?! well.. i don't know how to explain them either! hahaha! they're soft knit jeans. (explaination = epic fail!). and lastly, the aldo bags were on sale and most of them were only for less than $30. AAAAHHH! (ok, i totally need to calm myself down. hahaha!)

6pm: after the outlet stores, we drove to another mall and got some dinner. we went around some more and let me just say this. i totally just window shopped (except maybe for one thing! will tell you more about this in my next post.), went to sephora to sign up for my loyalty card, went around and saw some friends shopping.

guess who actually ended up buying a new pair of shoes?! my ever so lovely boyfriend. hahaha! he's been eye-ing these for a couple of weeks now. and it's 50% off in his size, so i guess it was meant to be! hahaha!

8pm: i insisted that we drove to winners. winners is like a big store that sells name brands for a cheaper price.

8:30pm: i still insisted we go to the le chateau outlet (different location). they didn't have my riding boots there!!! aaawww... it's ok though.. i really need to save up anyways. teehee!

9pm: stores are closed so nowhere to go but home!

oh gosh!!! this is such a long entry, yes? sorry for making you bored. congrats and thank you if you've reached this part!


  1. I'm super impressed with all the stuff you managed to accomplish in such a short time period! I'm also VERY impressed with your self-control :) And the trees.... so sad :(! </3

  2. HOLY MOLY THAT'S A LOT OF SHOPPING! and you walked out with only one thing!! ahh good job! :D cannot wait to see what it is!

    you and your bf are SOO cute! that sounds like a typical day for us too--except we go to one mall hahaha and have school all day unlike you like graduates!!!!

  3. with all that shopping i can't believe you were able to resist all those deals you came across! i would have walked out with a bunch of bags and an empty wallet. i have no self-control :(

    and may i say i love your outfit? you look so sophisticated and stunning! :D

  4. ok so let me get this straight my dear went to the outlet stores...fantastic deals...awesome finds...with paycheck...= 1 thing?? OMG!!!! how could you??? LOL JK! i would not have been able to resist!!!! i'm excited to see what you purchased! hurry and tell, my dear! :D

  5. aacccckk!!! hello everyone!!! i just got a little something really. (it was so small that even the bf doesn't know about it). i immediately placed it inside my bag after i purchased it! hahaha!

    and on second thoughts, i might actually go back tomorrow to the mall and see what i can get. hahahahaha!!!! self-control FAIL!

  6. ahahahaha
    youre welcome, it was actually a pretty nice day huh?

    the after 2 o clock part is actually very interesting so i couldnt possibly be bored :D

    following :D
    follow me too on

  7. Yay I'm glad you have a blog too!! ljsdf! and I LOVE that top!

  8. wow im jealous i wanna shop too:)

  9. shopping much? hahaha.

    i love your top! so cute. ^^


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