Friday, January 15

blog award

so i was lookin at jasna's blog and found that she gave me this award.. thanks dear! here's my list of answers..

Give thanks to whom it gives you -
JASNA!!, SALAMAT!! (that's filipino for thank you!)

Name and an author you love - Nicholas Sparks (haha! i don't read books! aack!)

If applicable, name an author who highlights - since i don't read books, i have no idea what this means.. anyone knows?

Books you love - fashion, coffee table illustrations, children's books!

Something that always excites you - fashion, friends, music, food! :D

Something you hate - tardiness

Pass it on to 7 blogs

1. Transient Withdrawal

2. Kwentong Marathon

3. Mon-o-chro-ma-chic

4. Candy Kawaii Lover

5. Jennifhsieh

6. What if no one's watching?

7. Lack of Creativity


  1. awww sybil thanks for the award<3

  2. CONGRATS SYBIL :) Thank YOUYOUYOU for the award <3 xoxo :)

  3. I'll answer this once I'm able to take pictures. ;D Hope you'll be at Fae's birthday tomorrow!


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