Wednesday, December 30

horror movies & yellow nails

today, i went to a friend's party to hang out, eat, drink and watch movies all night! it was one of those chill nights. we had a few food items, overflowing booze and horror movies waiting to be watched. what more can i ask for? to me, that's my ideal hang out night!

i wore something easy since we were just lounging around. oohh, but i got my leather gloves out! i call them my 'lady gaga' gloves coz everytime i wear them, the bf tells me to dance the claw moves of lady gaga in her bad romance video. hahaha! also, i experimented with pink lips and im loving it! :D
outfit: divisoria top, greenhill skirt, dynamite leggings & gloves, sirens boots

pink lips: joe fresh rose in matte

the friend of mine who was hosting the movie night party had tons of nail polish so i knew i just had to have my nails done! for some reason i chose a yellow tone since i haven't had my nails in that color. they're not my neatest work, but i'm fine with it. yay for colored nails :D
hello yellow!

we watched 3 movies. first was the orphan where we ended up screaming all the way to the end. hahaha! second was the messengers 2 where we didn't understand what it was about because most of us were tipsy already. lastly, we watched fired up. though, i was not able to finish the movie. i had to go home already because the bf and i still had breakfast plans the following day (that's today, basically).
mini cheesecakes, yum!

bf is sleepy and im trying to focus on the movie

multicolored drinks


darn, i need to sleep. i should be off to a breakfast going away party (for one of my friends off to saskatchewan) in about 4 hours. aaacckk!


  1. I love leather gloves, you look so happy in the pictures! Thank you for your comment, I was happy to hear from you. I like your blog, now i am following you, Hope to hear fom you soon! Happy New Year!

  2. great gloves, they complemented your outfit perfectly:) love the soft makeup too, you have such a gorgeous smile! how's orphan? i wanted to see Orphan but i chickened out, hahaha...

    ok this is random but the mini cheesecake looks like a puddle of blood with teeth in it. hahaha...i guess you guys were really in the mood for anything horror! :p

  3. aww it looks like you had such a wonderful and fun time!! :D your make is so lovely!! i must experiment with pink lips too!

  4. froso: thanks a lot! i just followed you in your blog too!

    Kristy: the orphan was good!!! watch it with friends so that it's fun! anyway, im glad you liked my make up (not really good at that, i just go and search for youtube tutorials. hahaha!). as for the mini cheesecakes, they were raspberry flavor hence the color and white chips! :D

    Jasmine: thanks dear!! i was trying to experiment with make up since i always keep it nude. pink lipsticks are fun!! :D


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