Monday, December 28

lace up shoe frenzy

i think i have gone insane. i have been on a shopping frenzy ever since last week and it's very good for the ego, but so not good for the wallet. hahaha! the plastic cards are getting so used up. that is not very good. hahaha!

i am currently waiting for 5 packages in the mail. three of which are from forever21. i ordered a tunic last week when they started the free shipping deal in the canadian site and i hope to get it just in time for the new year. i just got an email saying that they have started to pack my order. yay for that! the second forever21 package was the bundle my friends and i got last night. the third one, i did just awhile ago for some cheapo accessories. the fourth and fifth packages are both shoes, one from gojane and another from chictopia. for some reason, both of them are lace up types of shoes. and remember how i got lace up wedges from aldo yesterday? too much much?

aaacckk! nowadays i've been so hooked in them. just awhile ago, i found myself browsing thru shoes again. yes, you guessed it, i was still totally attracted to the lace up ones. but now, i really just went for window online shopping. hahaha!!! great way of wasting time online.

jeffrey campbell the lamp

aldo varble (and these are on sale!!!!!)

AAAHH!!! shoelust! can i just have them all!?!?! hahahaha!


  1. oh sybil, now i've gotten into a shoe frenzy!!!! ahhhhh! i am actually considering splurging on a $100 pair of oxfords from steve madden...but let's hope i find something cheaper along the way ahaha (:

  2. aaaaaahh those first and last shoes ar sre sooooooo beautiful!

  3. Hey you! Thanks for the link - when I finally get my blogroll up I'll return the favour x
    LOVING the shoes, especially the brown forever21 pair. & I can totally share the shopping madness - something about a new year always makes me want a new wardrobe!

  4. hey! First of all, thanks for your comment (L) about the boots, I got them from a random shoe shop in Barcelona, I actually thought they'd be more comfy but I guess the heel is too high to be comfy haha

    aww I have fallen in love with those Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

  5. Nice shoes! I always love to buy shoes too.. hehe. :)

  6. looooove the F21 vintage boots, too bad they're only avail. on the US website! so...which one(s) did you get? :D


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