Sunday, November 21

they're starting early this year..

and by my title, i meant holiday parties!!!
last night my girlfriends and i got together for some early dinner and drinking. it was quite awesome that a lot of us ended up attending since it was so rare for us working girls to have time off all at the same time.

we ate at earl's by polo park and even though we waited quite a bit for our food, it was worth it! some of us ordered pasta, steak and burgers. i ordered their cajun blackened chicken which was incredibly tasty. plus, i was craving for something with a lychee taste, so i got their lychee geisha martini.

also, after dinner, my friends and i went for some photo session at the washrooms. it's just so so pretty inside! hahahaha! we can't resist not taking photos with the good interiors and lighting. (forgive the sucky grainy outfit photo though. didn't realize it turned out that way..)

outfit: holt renfrew shirt, f21 jeans, zara wedges, talula beanie, vintage coat, matt&nat purse

we headed to my friend's apartment to spend the rest of the night exchanging gifts, drinking vodka and watching a movie. of course, we had to take loads of photos by the christmas tree. besides, this was our early christmas get together anyways.. teehee!


  1. looks like you girls had fun! xoxo

  2. AW SYBIL YOUR HAIR"S GETTING SO LONG <3! I love it! :) You look super classy and chic! The food looks absolutely deliiiicious, how I craave some martinis and pasta :)

  3. I agree with Jess--your hair is getting super long! I just cut my hair yesterday hehe but long hair suits you nicely :) Girls Night Out looked like fun! :)

  4. Fun!! I love holiday parties. I'm sooo excited for JP's work Christmas party this year. :) Your outfit is cute. :)

  5. Such a great, classic look. And looks like you had a blast with your friends!

  6. yay for holiday parties! the food looks super delish and everyone looks liek theyre having fun!

    xx raez

  7. the food looks delicious xD ! yei yei party party ;D

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  9. This looks like a blast, I love when friends can all get together... especially when it's rare! I also adore your outfit, seriously just perfect. You look so pretty and chic. Happy early Christmas! xx

  10. Sadly I'm going to miss my office's xmas party this year :( Great food and overflowing booze! damn it! hahahaha.. :D

    On to the outfit: a classic look with all the right elements. Those camel booties are super versatile, no? ;)

  11. Wow, you've gotten me into such a holiday spirit. I think I shall watch a Christmas is exactly one month to Christmas today. But I still have about 3 weeks till I get off for holiday. Oh university.

    love your outfit. It's so simple, yet perfect as well. Love it.

    Ps. Sounds like an incredibly fun night.

  12. Cute girls and yummy!!! haha


  13. U are looking stunning hun! Love your hair! Mwah xx

  14. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style and pictures! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

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  15. HI! New here...looks like you and your girlfriends had such a nice night out! And the place looks fantastic!


  16. Looks like a blast! Girls days are the best!!


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