Sunday, November 28

still here.. just saying..

hey everyone! do you still know me? hahaha!!! i've been so busy with life lately. been doing overtime at work (since there is so much to be done with the holiday season coming in). plus, family from all over the country is starting to visit back here in the city so i've been spending time with them with weekend parties and dinners. the weather hasn't been great too since we accumulated another record breaking amount of snow this month so outfit posts have been so challenging for me to do.

on the up side, november is almost over and december is here!!! im totally psyched to finish my christmas shopping and start wrapping the gifts! yay!


  1. Haha don't worry, we're all pretty busy this time of the year :) Yay Christmas is coming!

  2. That is a really nice a picture. I like to take more depressing ones of my snow covered car to send to friends in warmer places, but that is more lovely. Enjoy the holidays:)

  3. exciting that family is visiting you! most of my family is on the other side of the world lol.

    hope you come back soon!


  4. Have fun with your family. Wish mine could come and visit but everyone is so busy this time of year...

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  5. Well it sounds like you have fun things to keep you busy!

  6. yea it's the most wonderful time of the year lol

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