Thursday, October 14

where do i even begin?!

so i know i've been out of this blogging world for a good 2 weeks and as im trying to collate all of my stories and photos, i am going to do my best to give a recap what happened. the next days in this blog will be filled with just plain personal experiences and i hope you don't mind me doing that, especially since i would love to recap the events for myself and my boyfriend (i told him to read thru my blog once i get back here)

outfit: divi dress, old navy cardigan, aldo wedges (this was in the office lunch room)

so this was monday when he was still here in winnipeg. i had work the whole week so it was only after that i got to spend time with him. for the most part, we ended up having dinner dates everyday. hahahaha!

i was craving for some sushi so we headed to dae gill since he hasn't tried it there yet. we got a bunch of sushi rolls and tempura of course!! yummy!

im still trying to catch up with all my bills, errands and stuff so forgive the short post, but i will definitely be blogging back again! yay! how have you been?


  1. Welcome back darling:)That food looks amazing and what a sweet photo of you and your boyfriend:)
    Kisses my dear

  2. you have no idea how much i'm craving that sushi right now, especially some shrimp tempura, om nom nom. can't wait to see more posts and i'm glad you got to spend so much time with your man recently :D

  3. hi dear parang pumayat ka\

    fresh lang!!
    miss yew

  4. mmmmm. sushi and tempura looks so gooood!!!

  5. welcome back! you guys should visit us here in vancity. we have the best sushi! LOL.


  6. omnomnom food! You look smokin' in that red dress girl! You should come to Vancouver (like Janelle said) BEST SUSHI HERE. Plus, we could go shopping together. EVEN BETTER NO?!

  7. You look great! xo

  8. sushi looks so so so good :) you look so cute on your little date too hehe!

  9. mmm that looks so yummy!

    have a lovely day, dear



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