Friday, October 15

Lounge Wing Night

my boyfriend's cousin is a manager for one of the smitty's restaurant in the city so after work, we decided to hit his lounge and grab something to eat.

we were fortunate that it was wing night! so of course, i had to have my favorite flavor: electric honey (that's honey garlic coated chicken wings rolled in lemon pepper)! yummy!

we also got to play the electronic darts which is my new favorite lounge game/activity. i used to play billiards all the time, but the darts are so much easier and quicker to play.

speaking of lounge night, i stumbled upon this new video of the latest single from them: youth called toothache. kinda catchy, i must say...

Courtesy of Them:Youth and the excellent folks at Outlaw Freelancers - [watch]
all in all it was another good night spent with the boy. it has been nice to look forward to seeing him after a long day at work.


  1. I SO miss wing night at smittys in the peg! Looks yummy

    Kate xox

  2. so much fun <3 and that chicken wings looks delicious :9


  3. I've been backreading! I missed your blog. Sucky internet connection.

    I looove your maxi skirt in one of em previous posts!

  4. Sounds like you've been having loads of fun. You and your boy look so cute together :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  5. Wow, the lounge looks great! Cute couple pic ;)


  6. you and your bf are adorable and those wings look so good (but I have a weird thing of eating meat off the bone...I never properly finish things like wings since I probably take two bites and think done! but my friends are have not finished that wing at all!)


  7. Those wings look sooo delicious!


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