Monday, October 18

thanksgiving day...

for our second day in the mountains we decided to hit the banff national park to spend the day there. after having our brunch, we walked around the town center to see the souvenir stores and check out other tourists walking around.

we had a map with us and we decided to go elsewhere to see the other areas that i haven't been to. we ended up in this hiking trail that leads to the bow falls but i backed out of it since i wasn't properly dressed for the activity.

fortunately, there was a way for us to get there using a vehicle so that's what we opted for. we got to a closer view of the bow falls and it was quite a wonderful site to see. we also got a view of the majestic fairmont hotel when we were there.

outfit: urban planet blazer, tna sweater, f21 shades & jeans, aldo wedges, matt & nat purse

it was too cloudy and windy that day that we had doubts of going for the gondola ride. at the end, i decided that since we were there already, we might as well go for it. although we really didn't have a great view on top, it was fine. we just got coffee and spend a good hour resting, talking and figuring out what else we can do for the rest of the day.

after going down the gondola ride, we saw that there's this lake nearby that we can hang out before heading back to canmore. we weren't hungry for dinner yet so we tried locating lake vermillion to catch the sunset.

before it got dark, we headed back to our lodging and went to a nearby restaurant for our thanksgiving dinner (which im saving for another post). all in all, another well spent day in banff. i apologize if the whole post is so image heavy, but it's really nice to look back at these photos, especially now that im back in 'normal' work mode. teehee!


  1. Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing it ;)
    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. beautiful pictures! Glad u had a lovely time!

  3. Nice blazer! wow.. i think it is such a nice trip. i love to see the nature. =)

  4. Gorgeous pictures!!! : ) Happy Tuesday xx

  5. Banff is so beautiful! I haven't been in so long and these photos make me want to go back. I'm SO jealous of your wedges and I'm kicking myself for not buying them. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, must have felt great spending time with the one you love! :)

  6. Wow, the places in the photos look beautiful! I lov the sky in the first pictures and the landscape in the national park! I wanna go there too :)

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  7. Great pictures! Love the one with the clouds!

  8. Aw I love love loveeee those wedges! And the entire look!!


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