Sunday, October 17

blissful weekend..

i know i know i've been doing short mediocre posts nowadays but i promise, i'll be back on track with outfits and haul posts soon! for now, let me share with you some wonderful photos i took over the weekend when i was in canmore & banff.

our major destination for the trip was canmore since lodging was less expensive and there weren't a lot of tourists (more of locales). we decided that since banff is just a few minutes away, we can just always drive there during our stay.

outfit: holt renfrew shirt, vintage maxi skirt, matt&nat purse, aldo wedges, f21 shades
when we arrived in canmore, we decided to hit this park to eat our packed lunch ("our baon", filipino style). after lunch, we still had time to spare before checking in our lodge inn so we ended up walking this trail by the watershed.

we finally headed to our room to settle our stuff there and then went out again to check the rest of the town centre.

canmore is such a beautiful quaint little 'village/town'. the mountains make for a perfect backdrop to the cute and unique buildings they have. i was even telling the boy that someday, i'd want to own a rest house here, something to get away from when the city is stressing me out!


  1. Omg Banff looks amazing... I'd give everything to be there right now ahhh!


  2. Oh wow, that scenery is awe-some! Lovely pictures x

  3. wow! i love the views! looks refreshing and relaxing! you both look adorable together! <3


  4. Wow the views are gorgeous and the town/village looks so peaceful! The backdrop of the mountains in the last pictures looks so perfect it almost looks fake!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  5. OMG! the views and the pothos are amazing! and it looks so peaceful!


  6. amazing destination and gorgeous pics!

  7. the scenery looks absolutely breath-taking! :)

  8. The views are AMAZING! So pretty! What a lovely town! I love everything in your pictures, from the sceneries, your outfits, the town, the hotel room and definitely how cute you guys are!

    Have a good one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  9. Found your site via your interview with Modly Chic. It's nice to find another Candian blogger :)

    The scenery is amazing, and I really like your (almost) maxi skirt!


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